Christmas Eve!

Sorry about the delay in bloggage.  I’ve been doing quite a bit of overtime at work. I’ve been looking forward to today for the whole week.  I had the Flying Club tie my plane down outside today so I could go for a night flight.  I wanted to fly over some of the parking lots at major malls to see everyone driving around, frantically looking for a spot.  I guess the malls were just closing as I was flying over because the parking lots weren’t too busy:

That is the PEN Centre in St. Catharines.  The sun was just starting to set.  Once it was dark, I toured around Niagara and checked out the Christmas lights.  I tried to take pictures, but they didn’t turn out well.  Here’s a shot of….somewhere….

My last destination was Grimsby, where I did five touch and go’s at their airport.  Once done there, I headed back to St. Catharines.  I didn’t hear another plane over the radio the entire hour and twenty minute flight.  My mother said only pea-brains like myself would fly on Christmas Eve.  Thanks, little, stubby Jan.

Here is a pic of Vyctor all tied down for the night:

Merry Christmas, little Vyctor!

Before my flight, I spent many hours today, scanning photographs for the digital photo album for the Recreational Aircraft Association.  I thought they would bring me maybe a few dozen pictures to scan, but I ended up with a trunk full – literally!  I went out and bought a new scanner for the job.  My other one was too old and slow.

Chuck and I will wake up tomorrow (hopefully!) and open some pressies at the apartment.  We’ll then kiss the kitties goodbye and head over to Jan’s to open the rest of the gifts and have a joyous dinner.  Really looking forward to the day!

Today’s symptoms:  Felt pretty darn good.  Fatigue level wasn’t too bad – just dealing with tiredness from dehydration.  I seem to be having the issue of not retaining fluids again.  Ugh!  Hopefully it won’t last, because it really conflicts with the benefits from the CCSVI surgery!  At least my big surgery hickey is almost gone too!

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