Where Did the Weekend Go?

I can’t believe it’s Sunday night already!  Geesh!  Oh well, I had a good weekend, so I shant complain.  I took little Abby back to the vet after work on Friday.  She just had to be given a shot of steroid, and a prescription for me to give her orally.  She is always so well behaved at the vet’s office:

Cute and sweet as a button.  Her sister Pinky, on the other hand, was a little more naughty this weekend.  She loves climbing into bags and I inadvertently left one with some items to bring to Jan, up on the stove:

Love the left eye, Pinky!

After bringing Abby back home from the vet, I spent most of the night working on the training I’m giving at work tomorrow.  At least I had all four goobers keeping me company:

Little Abby was off to the side:

I continued to work on the training yesterday, but spent most of the day wrapping pressies.  I told Jan I didn’t buy her the usual fifty gifts I get her each Christmas.  However, when I pulled all of the presents out of the closet, there were over forty!  Tee hee!  She gets annoyed because I don’t use regular wrapping paper, since it’s not recyclable.  Instead, I use brown paper and the blank sheet of newspaper that is sometimes around the flyers.  Needless to say, my gifts look very drab!  I’ll certainly take some pictures of them under the tree on the weekend.

Today, I went to visit Lil Jan and drop off my carload of pressies, as we always open them at her house.  We dropped something off at my Aunt’s house, and drove by this joyous little number a few doors down:

My favourite is the totally deflated snowman on the garage.  He looks very depressed!

We headed over to Timmy’s for a coffee, then over to the Welland Humane Society to drop off a few donations.  They’re always so friendly and appreciative there.   Then it was over to the mall for some final gift purchases.  I’m officially done now  I’ve never left it so late before.  Just a lot going on lately plus my recent CCSVI surgery.

Ok, back to some final prep for tomorrow’s training!

Today’s symptoms:  Feeling great!  Had more energy today than I’ve had in a long time.  I am so hopeful that it lasts!!!

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