I went back to work today.  Actually, I did sorta work yesterday from home.  I have to give training on the Office 2010 program OneNote next week, so I prepared the material.  It was so nice to see everyone at work, but spent the day telling everyone “No, it’s not a hickey.”

Yuck!  I’m glad I don’t have to look at it.  I didn’t realize how bad it was until my friend took this picture.  I decided to hang a stocking off of my ear so no one else would have to look at it either.  It was quite beneficial as I walked by my friend and she put a chocolate in the stocking.  I should have kept it on to see how many other treats I would have collected!

So, I’m feeling decent after my surgery, energy-wise.  Despite being my first day back, I made it through the whole day AND did three hours of overtime!  I’m supposed to be off tomorrow (compressed) but since we are allowed to do nine hours of overtime a week, I’m going in for another six hours.  I have to drop off the rental car, pick up Lola Corolla and drive over to the States to get a package at the post office.  Then I’ll head to work.

Today’s symptoms:  Felt decent with regards to energy.  Very minimal headache too!  Still very sore in my neck and chest, but it’s good pain!

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