Second CCSVI Surgery Complete

It was surgery day today.  Walking into the clinic, we were both shocked to see the gorgeous bouquet of flowers sitting next to my bed!  Here is the card:


As I mentioned many time before, the guys at the Recreational Aircraft Association are amazing!  Check out the arrangement:

Wow, I certainly wasn’t expecting that – I’m insanely touched!!!  Thanks guys!

One last shot:

I was really hoping the IV from yesterday was going to behave itself for today, so I wouldn’t need another one.  Unfortunately, it was kinked and had a clot, so they had to redo it.  Michelle was the IV installation technician for this one, and did a mighty fine job!  To return the favour, I was able to teach her a new word: gotchies!   After stripping down (even my gotchies) and donning a lovely blue gown, I wandered over to the surgery room.

I was a little relieved when the meds they injected to relax me kicked in.  It was a tad nippy in there, and the meds helped me to stop shaking.  Probably a good thing while the doctor was doing his thing.  He stretched all of the veins that were done during the last CCSVI procedure, except for one.  My left internal jugular seems to be having severe issues.  He was unable to get through it, even after going in through my groin and neck.  Despite everything else going well, this news really threw me for a loop.  Like a big dork, I was a tad upset while they wheeled me back out to the recovery room.  It’s weird to know that there is no (or very little) blood flowing through that vein.  After being bummed for a few minutes, I managed to calm myself down, with the help of the amazing staff.

Chuck was called over to the recovery room, to comfort his blubbering blonde.  I was shocked when he said I was in there for almost two hours!  It didn’t seem that long.  The doctor came over to talk about the surgery.  He made me feel quite a bit better too.  I have to remain hopeful that expanding the other veins will make a difference.  Fingers crossed!

We stayed in the recovery room for around three hours.  Did I mention how great the staff there is?  I’m horrible at names, but there was Michelle, Lesley, Cindy, Kelly Lynn, Vicki and of course, Dr. Jerry.  I’m sure I’m missing someone(s).  Sorry.  Nothing personal!

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to rip off the bandage on my neck yet:

Really looking forward to ripping off the one down below tomorrow too!  Ugh.

Once back to the hotel, my stomach decided that the nice english muffin with peanut butter that Michelle made for me would not stay down.  Sorry about your lawn, Baymont hotel!  Once inside, I crawled into bed and slept on and off for a couple hours.  Chuckles went over to the Tilted Kilt bar and had his third hamburger this week!  I haven’t had too much of an appetite today.  Hopefully it will pick up tomorrow.

We have to head back to the AI3 clinic tomorrow morning for 9:00, so I can have a follow-up doppler ultrasound.  Then we’re off to the Tampa Airport for our 2:00 flight.  I’m really looking forward to getting home and seeing my kitties.  I’m sure I’ll just veg this weekend.  Also, I took Monday off as my compressed day.  Oh, I’ll have to call my aviation mechanic and find out how the annual inspection of my plane went.  Ugh, hopefully nothing major!

Today’s symptoms:  Felt fairly decent when I woke up this morning.  Not sure we can count today’s symptoms as those from a typical MS day!  Just sore from the surgery and I have a fairly bad headache.

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