Conclusion of the Trip to Britain :-(

Alas, tis the end of our trip.  As stated in my last couple of blogs, our final stop was Stonehenge:


This wasn’t exactly Stonehenge, but it was on the way:

And then there it was:

This stone apparently lines up with the sun exactly once a year:

It’s almost impossible to comprehend how people moved these massive stones so far.

After checking out the formation, we decided to walk up a fairly large hill to a couple of burial mounds:

Come on, Lil Jan.  Pump those stubby legs:

Is was quite a walk and we were totally pooped by the time we made it back to the bus.

Our next stop was our hotel back in London.  Farewell, sheep!

Some more shots along the way:

Of course I got excited as we drove near the airport:

Jan said farewell to her white Porsche:

Back at the hotel.  Here is the view from our room:

Jan just love the chimneys:

I was more thrilled by the helicopter that flew over:

What an absolutely amazing trip.  We both had the time of our lives and would love to go back!

Back to normal life….well, as normal as I can be.  Speaking of which, check out the little statue I made of myself for Chuck’s dinner:

Just smile and nod….

Today’s symptoms:  Despite sleeping less than an hour last night, I felt a bit better today than yesterday.  I think the new antibiotics are starting to work on this nasty sinus infection.


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