Stonehenge – Not Yet!

I think I said that the next stop of our trip was going to be Stonehenge.  I looked through my pictures and noticed the Salisbury Cathedral photos, which was prior to the Stonehenge stop.  So, without further ado:

I’m not too sure of the details, but the cathedral was undergoing some cosmetic surgery:

Clearly many hands have touched his arm, as per the colouring and shine:

I’m proud to say I was able to refrain.

There was a really neat art exhibit throughout the cathedral.

I think I took a picture of every sculpture we saw:

People with that much talent make me nauseous!

Next trip post WILL be on Stonehenge (I think…)

I had to take little Abby to the vet on Thursday.  She is still having poopy-problems.  She has an intestinal virus that has no treatment – can only go away over time.  Here’s a shot of her while waiting for the vet:

They gave her a shot then said I will need to bring her back in three weeks so they can start her on Prednisone, which may help with her bowel issues.  I was talking to the vet and had my back turned to her assistant, who was watching Abby on the table.  I heard her laugh and turned around to this:

Neatly wrapped up and ready to go home!

While out in the waiting area, paying the bill, I noticed this little goober gnawing on the Christmas tree:

I had Abby’s case open as one of the staff was petting her.  The little tree-chewer came over for a brief visit:

I wish she wasn’t so blurred as she was really a cute cat!

Today’s symptoms:  Very drained and just feeling all out lousy.  Had a bad week, so that would probably explain why I felt like this.

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