Birthday Blahs…

I woke up this morning, started to get ready for work, and checked my emails.  My mother and aunt both sent me really cute birthday cards, with singing cats (different from each other).  They really put a smile on my face! 

My first stop wasn’t actually work, but an eye doctor appointment in Niagara Falls.  I got there almost 30 minutes early, which was kinda silly.  The day started to go downhill when the large screen TV in the waiting room was put on, displaying a nature video.  One of the first scenes was a shark eating a seal – I almost lost it.  I have absolutely no tolerance for anything bad happening to an animal.  I was quite upset.  I started playing a game on my iPhone, making sure to not look back up at the TV.  A couple scenes later I had to listen to a baby elephant losing its life.  The tears welled up in my eyes and I had to get up and ask the receptionist if I could sit somewhere else.  I ended up sitting near the back of the office, holding back the tears!  On a bright note, the doctor said my left eye looks better, but she wants me to see my GP and get a referral to a surgeon who deals with sinuses.  Ok, well at least my eye looked good!

I drove to work and arrived before 9:00.  My friend and her son came by around 11:30 to pick me up and drive over to my apartment.  We slurped on the coffees they picked up for us and started eating the dessert my mother made me.  The phone rang – it was the Niagara Falls hospital, asking if I wanted to have my MRI today.  It was scheduled for Sunday, but they had a cancelation.  I had to cut my visit with my friend a little short so she could drive me back to the office.  I hopped in my car and headed back to Niagara Falls.  I registered and galloped down to the MRI department.  They had to administer a dye via IV, which didn’t go too well.  He missed the vein and took a few attempts to get it in the right position.  Ouch!  After the scan was finished, I waited for a copy of the images on CD.  Once in hand, I headed back to St. Catharines for a second time.  I was speaking with a co-worker about how this birthday wasn’t the most enjoyable day I’ve ever had, but glad the worst was over.  Just then, my phone rang and I noticed it was my little mother.  She said “You have to go back.”  What the heck are you talking about?  She said “The hospital phoned and they need more images, so you have to go back right away.”  I thought she was pulling a little birthday prank, but unfortunately she wasn’t.  I wasn’t too happy because the MRI is quite loud and made my sinus headache very painful.  I had only eaten a small bowl of dessert that I had with my friend at this point, too.  I don’t think that helped with how I was feeling.  Regardless, back into my car I went and headed back to Niagara Falls for the third time that day.  The technician saw me walk in and took me into the room just next to the actual MRI room, rather than have me sit in the main waiting room.  There was someone getting a scan and I waited about twenty minutes for it to finish.  In I went and was done within ten minutes.  Back to the film library to wait for them to burn my new images, then back to St. Catharines for the final time.  My head was throbbing at this point so I went home.  I had some work to do on the training I am giving tomorrow, so my Team Leader approved me to work an hour from home.  Yeah!

Too tired to go out tonight.  I think I’ll just be a blonde blob for the rest of the night.  A couple friends at work said that since my birthday was so sucky, we’re actually going to celebrate tomorrow – YEA!

On a bright note, here’s a cute picture of Boo waving:

When Jan and I were at the mall this weekend, I snapped a pic of this cute little dude in the back of a car:

Love the tongue!  Tee hee!

Oh, and here is what Lil Jan had set up for me when I walked into her house:

She’s so cute!  Cutest little candle holders EVER!

Today’s symptoms:  So drained from the running around today.  The headache tonight is much worse than it has been the last few nights, I’m sure from the pounding of the MRI machine.  Tomorrow will be a much better day!

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