I’m Back!

Yet another big delay in bloggage – here’s why.  I’ve been feeling really lousy over the last few weeks, this past week being the worst.  Severe headaches, no appetite, stomach aches, and overall blahness.  While at work on Thursday morning, my headache and eye pain became so severe (the pain was coming from my left eye and radiating down my face), a first aider at the office called 911.  Off to the joyous hospital I went.  Hours into my stay, I was brought in for a CT scan.  I was actually booked for one next week anyway, as my Ophthalmologist ordered one for the eye pain I was experiencing.  The doctor told me he was glad I was booked for an MRI (also next week) as he believed I may be having an MS flare up.  The CT scan did show sinusitis, which would be the fourth or fifth attack I’ve had in five months.  Here’s the scan pic:


The right side of the pic is actually my left side.  You can see how the big honkin’ sinus on my right is a nice black hole, which it should be.  The left one is completely blocked.  Here’s another shot:

Again, you can see the left sinus is totally blocked.  That would explain most if not all of the pain I was experiencing!  Hopefully the anti-biotics he put me on will clear it up quickly.

Back to the Britain trip!

We left Bath and headed toward Salisbury Plain to see Stonehenge.  Stunning scenery, as usual:

Jan loves water pics, so I tried to take them whenever possible:

I had to find something that represented each one of my kids during the trip.  Here’s the one I found for Pinky:

We stopped to visit the Norman Cathedral:

As was every other cathedral we visited, this one was amazing.

Here are a few pics I took on the way back to the bus:

I think I embarrassed Jan when I asked her to take a picture of me, posing up against a billboard:

Back on the bus, heading for Stonehenge:

We had a bit of delay on the road, due to this accident:

We had to wait for the oncoming traffic to clear before heading under the centre of this bridge:

I forget what our tour guide said this represented, but rather neat nonetheless:

Next stop – Stonehenge!

Today’s symptoms:  Still a very bad headache and eye pain.  Feeling a tad bit better energy-wise today though.

Posted by Lizzy McFly at 11/20/2011 10:36 AM

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