Trying To Climb Back Up

I just wanted to let everyone know why I haven’t written a blog for a few days and why I’ve been so down.  I posted about flying to Barrie a few weeks ago to have a Doppler Ultrasound.  They wanted to see if my veins were still open and flowy after my CCSVI surgery.  Bad news – my left jugular is blocked again.     I sent the results down to Clearwater, Florida where I had the surgery and they suggest that I come back and have it redone.  I’ve noticed that my fatigue levels have increased, as have many other symptoms I had before the surgery.  I decided that I would go back and give it another try.  I will be booking it tomorrow.  I’m probably looking at the first or second week of December.  Blah.

Anyway, back to the Britain trip!

Here are a few shots on our way to the ruins of Tintern Abbey:

The horsies were adorable:

The tour director had the bus driver slow down so we could look at the bridge we were about to cross:

Then she pointed out this sign just before the bridge:

Oh great!  Fortunately, the bridge held up for us.

Some more shots along the way:

Alas, we arrived:

It was raining, so I didn’t get any good photos from the outside – just from inside the bus.

It was such an amazing sight – a bit depressing, though!

I shall continue on in the next blog….

Check out this adorable couple I snapped a picture of last night:

Little Pinky and Boo, sleeping so peacefully.

On a not so peaceful note, check out the little critter Jan had running around her house today:

It’s her next door neighbour’s dog, Sammie:

Such a sweetie!

Today’s symptoms: Had more energy today than I had in a while.  My spirits were a little better too.  Lots of pain in my arms though.

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