Kitty Break

I’m going to keep today’s blog rather short and I won’t be including the Britain trip. 

To start off, this weekend I gathered up the laundry, closed up the bag and set it by the front door.  I’m really glad I walked by a few minutes later and noticed this:

Whoops!  Sorry Mya!  I opened it up and she stayed there for a couple more hours:

I lost a bet the other week and had to bake a cake.  I mentioned this to a friend at work and she asked what kind of cake.  I said Angel Food Cake.  I quickly burst out laughing when she started talking about how to prepare my egg whites.  Hello!  I open the box and add water – do I look like Betty Crocker to you?  My friend is so cute!  Anyway, good thing I didn’t go any further than making it from a mix.  Look at the mess I made from a simple mix:

My counter isn’t usually such a mess but I had a meeting that night and didn’t get home until 8:30.  I was trying to hurry so I could get in my jammies and go to bed!  The bet I lot had to do with what train station we were stopping at.  He said Burlington and I said Aldershot.  Needless to say, I was wrong.  Check out the final product:

I know, you’re all thinking that I should leave my job with the government and go into cake decorating.  I’ll think about it….

In closing, I decided to eat a mini Snickers bar tonight.  I guess the rattling of the wrapped got Pinky’s attention:

Sorry my furless little friend – no chocolate for you (nom nom nom).


Today’s symptoms: I’m still dealing with quite a bit of pain since my infusion on Friday.  It feels like the bones in my fingers and hands are being crushed.  Not fun but hopefully it will be better tomorrow.


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