Gone With The Wind

Before carrying on with the trip, I’ll share my day with y’all.  I had to go to Barrie (north of Toronto) for my follow-up Doppler ultrasound for the CCSVI surgery I had in April.  I hate driving through Toronto, as most people do, so I decided to fly there.  Despite the insane winds, my mother and I clambered aboard Vyctor just before 9:00 this morning and headed on our way.  We were so glad we decided to fly, as the traffic on the major highways was not moving too well.  Blah!  It was actually smoother than I thought it would be, until going through Toronto airspace and having to descend below 2000 feet.  Despite the bumps, we were able to take a few pictures of the CN Tower, which I was just dangling off of last week:


We were cleared to fly right over the Downsview Airport:

Jan snapped this pic of one of the highways we would have been driving on, had we not flown:

It took about an hour and ten minutes to arrive at the tiny Springwater airport, just to the west of Barrie.  We called a cab, hit the Timmy’s drive-thru and headed over to the Barrie Diagnostics Imaging clinic for my scan.  I don’t think we waited for more than ten minutes before I was called in, about fifteen minutes early.  The test took about fifteen minutes, after which time we called another cab and headed back to the airport.  The flight home was just slightly shorter than the flight there, due to the wind.

Back to the trip!  After our joyous boat ride, we climbed back on the bus and headed towards the England border.  We were going to miss Scotland!

I actually got excited when I noticed this sign, hoping that Tim Hortons had managed to make it’s way to England:

After screaming at the bus driver to pull over, “I need a Timmy’s!” I realized that this was in fact NOT a Tim Hortons.  Bummer.

We stopped in Grasmere, where the

poet William Wordsworth lived.  We visited his grave site:

A stream ran along side of the grave yard, which contained a few little ducklettes:

Jan and I decided to have some noms, as we were both hungry and wanted to get out of the drizzly weather.  Our tour guide recommended a cafe that had killer meat pies.  For some reason, I can’t eat meat and pastry together (it makes me sick) so my mother had the pie and I ate a sandwich:

Before getting back on the bus, we passed this little fella who was singing the prettiest song:

I asked him if he took requests but he just flipped me the bird.

Heading out of Grasmere and over to our next overnight stop in Manchester, we passed some Canadian icons:

Check out the narrow road we barreled down:

Manchester wasn’t quite my favourite city/town on the tour, as it lacked the picturesque-ness of the other locations.  Still, it was nice to arrive at our hotel there that evening, after another busy day.


Today’s symptoms:  I felt fine until arriving home after my flight.  Flying always poops me out.  Just dealing with a bad headache and some pain tonight.


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