Amazing Experience!

Before continuing with my Britain trip, I would like to share the experience I had yesterday.  I took the day off work and a friend of mine and one of his friends travelled to Toronto.  Since the three of us are a tad adventurous (and whack-o), we decided to do the CN Tower Edgewalk!  We were a little nervous that our session at 11:00 might be cancelled due to the yucky weather, but conditions were good enough for the walk.  After a breathalyzer, explosives and drug scan and removing everything except our clothes, we suited up and donned our sassy yellow harnesses.  We met with our walk guide and headed up to the roof of the tower.  The walk itself was about 30 minutes, but it felt closer to an hour.  What a blast!  The two guys I was with were totally calm (at least on the outside), as we joined two equally calm participants out on the roof.  We stopped the walk quite a few times to discuss the joyous scenery and to either lean forward or backwards.  Leaning back looked like this:


Notice how short my pants are – I guess they mistook me for my mother.  Anyway, we all had a blast!  My friend who said that he would probably end up crawling around the platform due to fear, seemed to have no fear at all!  We’re considering going next year, too.  We were given some videos of the walk, so I’ll try to get them posted on my website soon.

After the walk, we went up to the observation area and checked out the glass floor:

Our ticket for the walk also included a trip up to the highest accessible point of the tower.  You can see a couple of Edgewalkers close to the centre down below:

It was a wonderful day!

During my last blog, I mentioned how I took someone from work up for a flight over the Forts around Niagara.  He gave me a disc with the pictures he took, which included this amusing pic of Vyctor getting fueled up with a chicken hanging off of his pitot static tube:

Back to Britain…..

Jan and I ended up going on two boat rides that day.  We took a cruise across Loch Lomond with the rest of the group.  Again, Jan and I decided to ride down below, out of the cold and wind.  Here are a few pics I snapped:

Our bus was patiently waiting for us on the other side of the lake:

Check out this beauty next to where our bus was parked:

I took a pic of this little dude while everyone was boarding the bus:

And last but not least, this other boat drifting offshore:

I’ll try to post another blog tomorrow.


Today’s symptoms:  I had a really bad headache today and quite a few pains in my hands and left shoulder.  Ouch!  Nerve pain really sucks!!!


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