Britain – Continued…

Fortunately, we weren’t done with Scotland yet.  We traveled to the Culloden Battlefield on day whatever of our trip.  The weather wasn’t perfect, but at least we didn’t experience anything more than a shower:


The battle of Culloden is where close to 2000 Jacobites were slaughtered in about an hour!  Brutal!


Notice how my mother is able to smile amongst a vision of tragedy and loss of life.

After leaving the battlefield (everyone was depressed except for smiley Jan!), we headed out to Loch Ness.  We passed these picturesque sites along the way:


We arrived at Loch Ness – it was really neat to arrive in such a world famous location.  Jan I headed down to the lake.  Someone from our tour was kind enough to take a couple pictures of us:

I tried to attract Nessie over to our location by dipping my insanely white hand in the lake.  I thought the reflection would tick her off enough for her to come over and tell me to bugger off:

Would you believe it worked?!?!  Ol’ Nessiekins troddled on over to slap me upside the head with her tail, when I requested a photo op before the beating.  She obliged:

Fortunately, she took pity on my mother for having such a dork for a daughter, and decided to let me go without being whooped.  I was very grateful.

For some reason, I decided to flash my tattoo while we were down at the lake.  I guess it’s just a sign that I was starting to miss my plane:

We hit the souvenir shop before climbing back on the bus.  I don’t think we bought anything though.

I shall continue with my amazing travels through the Highlands in my next blog.

Not too much to tell about today.  I was supposed to take someone up for a flight at 10:00 this morning, but the weather was horrible.  I searched for about half an hour for his phone number, but couldn’t find it.  He didn’t call so I headed over to the airport for 9:50am in case he showed up.  The Flying Club phoned me at home later to say he was there at 9:45.  Ugh, I was there from 9:50 – 10:00.  Somehow we managed to miss each other!  Hopefully he’ll call soon (hint, hint if you’re reading this) so we can reschedule the flight.

Today’s symptoms:  My eyes are still hurting quite a bit, and my headache is still there.  Fortunately, I went to the eye doctor a few days ago and my vision has not been affected.  He’s going to send the test results and report to my family doctor, and I’ll see if she wants to follow up.

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