Britain – Day Three

Wow, I think this is my fifth Britain Trip blog post and I’m only on day three of the trip!  I better get crack-a-lackin!

Day three of our bus tour was one of Jan’s favourite. We met up with a local guide named Keith, in full Scottish attire. He told us about all aspects of the city (The Royal Mile, views of Holyrood House, Arthur’s Seat, Princes Street and Scottish Parliament – at which point he poked fun at us Civil Servants!) as we made our way to Edinburgh Castle.  The sites on the way there were amazing.  It’s hard to believe how old the buildings and structures are in Edinburgh.

Then we came upon the castle:

We had a long stroll up to the castle itself, so a few of us were able to take a mini-bus ride up the rather long hill.  I was hoping people weren’t starting to think I was just lazy!  Anyway, once we arrived at the base of the castle, Keith stepped into military mode and started yelling at us to get it together. It was hilarious and also made me feel at home (since I served in the Army for eleven years and am still part of the Supplemental Reserve). The weather really went for a dump at this point with rather strong winds. We were all quite relieved when Keith stopped yelling at us and let us go into the castle. We first went upstairs to see Scotland’s Crown Jewels – no pictures again.  Back outside to check out the amazing views:

Look – it’s Jan the Guard!  Oh, I’m scared!

Notice how she fills less than half the station!

We visited the shop and finally spent some money on postcards, pens and Christmas ornaments. We headed back out into the blustering winds and admired more views of the city below. We were going to take the bus back down to our meeting point but decided to let the wind just blow us down – took only a couple minutes. We looked like a pair of Canadian tumbleweeds.

After Sergeant Keith ordered us back on the bus, we headed back toward our hotel.  We passed a bagpiper on the way:

Keith bid us a fond farewell and booted us off the bus.  Before departing, I asked him if I could have my picture taken with the sexiest man in Scotland.  He agreed to it:

I think this was the night most of our group went off to a Scottish show.  We were too pooped to join them, so it was another night of room service.  We had a couple hours to our selves to wander around the city and the mall behind our hotel.  Good times!

Stay tuned – the saga continues….

Today’s symptoms:  My sinus and cold issues are finally starting to improve.  Still dealing with killer headaches and sharp pains all over my bod, but at least it’s getting better.

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