Britain Blog Continued…

Ok, where was I.  I think we were just heading over to Hadrian’s Wall.  Before leaving the restaurant, Jan and I wandered down the road and noticed a community bulletin board:
I thought I would spruce it up a little bit with one of my “business” cards for my airplane:

Ah yes, that looks much better!

On the bus and over to the site of Hadrian’s Wall:

At one point it was a massive wall constructed by the Roman’s. Now there is only this small section left as the rest of the wall was mined for stones. How rude!  Find your own stinkin’ stones elsewhere!


Next we drove through Northumberland National Park. The sheep really started multiplying at this point:

What an amazing experience as we pulled up the England / Scotland border and were piped in by a bagpiper. Check out these great pics:

Jan and I posed next to the bagpiper:

Some more sites after climbing back on the bus.  The landscape really began to change – much more hilly and sheep-ladened:

Notice the heather on the mountain slope:


We got to see the Jedburgh Abbey before heading into Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital.

I can’t remember if these were in Edinburgh or in a town on the way.  Our tour director said there is a string of houses that all try to out-do each other with their gardens:

More sites on the way to our accommodations for the night:

They’re so polite here:

In Edinburgh, we stayed at the King James Hotel.  Most of the tour went out for dinner together that night but as usual, I was too pooped to go. We decided to be rebels and order room service for the first time in our deprived, sad, little lives. It was rather amusing actually. We didn’t know if the tip was included in the service so I called down to the front desk to enquire. She told me she didn’t know. Duh – well at least we didn’t feel so silly anymore.  When the garçon came to our room with the noms, I sheepishly (get it – sheeps in Scotland!) asked him if we tip for his muchly appreciated services. He said it was at our discretion, so instead of telling him to bugger off, I grabbed a few pounds and politely handed them over. I apologized for my ineptness and having to ask him, but he said I was “very pleasant about it.”. In other words, I was a dork, but a pleasant dork!  Tee hee!  Jan and I sat at the edge of our beds and chowed down on the half chicken dinner we split. We watched Judge Judy – ah yes, a true Scottish experience. 

Just to scooch away from the trip for the rest of this blog – I took up an exchange student from France this past weekend.  It was only his second time in a plane.  The first time was his flight here.  We flew over to Niagara-On-The-Lake and noticed this large gathering.  I’m not too sure what it was for:

Then over to Niagara Falls:

He had a great time and said he is going to brag to his friends.  I even let him fly the plane for a bit – he did great!

Today’s symptoms:  I stayed home from work today as I’m still dealing with this rotten cold and sinus thing.  I’ve had many more MS pains in my arms and hands than normal – maybe just tricked by being sick.


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