Britain Trip Part Three

After a good night’s rest, we arose to an early wake up call, and clamored down to breakfast.  We had an early (as was every morning!) start to our second touring day. 

We headed over to Durham to visit the Durham Cathedral.  There were quite a few stairs up to the cathedral, so a few of us took the elevator (lift).  We went through an indoor market and made our way back outside.

Here are some pics I took on our walk to the Cathedral:

Durham Cathedral:

The surrounding university:

Burial Grounds:

The cathedral was amazing. It had multiple levels open for touring, including down into the crypt. The infrastructure was surreal. No photographs could be taken inside. At least we were able to pick up another guide book.

After visiting the inside of the Cathedral, we headed down a path out back and snapped this pic of a birdie having a snack:

A celtic cross:

We headed back down through the market and just before reaching the underpass where our bus was meeting us under, down came the rain.  We were about 35 minutes late leaving for our next destination (lunch) as one of our members became lost and actually had to call a cab to bring her back to our bus. Fortunately, we made it to the restaurant in time to eat, then  back in the bus to drive to our next destination at Hadrian’s Wall.  I shall continue in my next blog.  I’m feeling pretty yucky tonight – I think I’m coming down with something.  Blah!

Today’s symptoms:  I had training in Mississauga today.  It was quite good, although I’m glad it was only half a day.  I crashed just before the course ended and have felt pretty poopy since. 

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