Last Day of the Trip

So we were just leaving the ruins of Tintern Abbey.  There were so many neat business slogans we noticed during our trip.  Check this one out:

We headed to our hotel, for the second last night of our trip.  This hotel was quite funky:

Kind of a neat bathroom too:

This is where Jan fell in love with the portable mirror, which had something like 50x zoom!  I think she could even see her cells dividing!

Anyway, we headed to Bath the next day:

We stopped and admired some of the incredible Georgian architecture:

In my next blog, I’ll show some of the great pictures we took at the Roman Baths.  Cannonball!

I almost had a tragedy earlier this week.  I realized when I got home from going out Monday night, that I was missing a mitten.  It shouldn’t shock anyone that none of my mittens are normal – nothing I have or wear is.  They are really cute cat mittens.  Just like my socks, all of my mittens are goofy.  I know I was putting them into my backpack while walking home from work.  I must have dropped one then.  Ugh.  I was quite eager to walk back to work the next morning, in hopes of spotting it.  Hey, what’s that little black speck in the middle of the sidewalk in the distance?

No way – it can’t be my mitten out front of the Niagara Regional Police station?!

NO WAY!  When I realized what it was, I ran toward my mitten with arms outstretched and tears in my eyes:

I couldn’t believe it!  The poor little thing was outside all night, in the cold and rain.  I’m such a bad mitten owner!  Needless to say, it will need to be thoroughly decontaminated.  Still, the reunion will be remembered forever.

Today’s symptoms: Tons O’ pain today in my hands and arms.  My head is just throbbing tonight too.  Still having a great deal of pain in my left eye as well.  Tomorrow will be better!

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