Morphing Kitty

One of my kitties is changing into a little, furry mutant.  Cute Pinky is becoming Whitey.  She’s growing these little sections of wavy, short, white fur:


It’s actually really sweet!  Mind you, when I mentioned to Abby that her sister may be a furry imposter, this was her reaction:

Typical googly-Abby!

Meanwhile, Mya kept busy with the shower scrunchie that my mother accidentally sent here:

Nothing phases little Mya.  I will suggest to my mother that she rinses off the scrunchie, since it’s now covered in her granddaughter’s drool.

I can’t believe it’s Friday already!  I have the day off today and am trying to relax and get some strength back since feeling so weak and tired the last couple of weeks.

Today’s symptoms: Feelings a little better today than yesterday.  Hopefully this means I’m on the mend!



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