I can’t believe the weekend is over all ready!  Heck, Monday is over already too!  Where is life going?

My friend’s daughter was kind enough to send me a picture of a boat they were driving behind on their way home from Guelph.  What a PERFECTLY named boat:

I received the picture while we were all standing outside of our office, which was surrounded by firetrucks.  I emailed back and said to tell her mother that the office was on fire:

I had to ensure her that she had nothing to worry about – I grabbed her pictures, shoes and Clorox Wipes on my way out of the building.  Everything was fine!  Actually, it was just due to dust being sucked into the ventilation (construction outside) that triggered the alarm.

I had a decent weekend.  I stayed home on Saturday but was able to go for a flight on Sunday.  Actually, I wrote my brother earlier in the week and asked if he wanted to meet me at the airport and see my plane.  We haven’t seen each other in a few years, so I was hoping we could rekindle our sibling relationship.  We were very close as kids.  We’re both very goofy and share a similar sense of humour.  I missed this – life is too short (and so is our mother!)  It was a rather windy day but we still pulled the plane out of the hangar and barreled down the runway regardless.

I flew us over Niagara Falls.  While we were going over Marineland, I actually saw one of the whales jump into the air.  Pretty good view even at 3500 feet!  Once out of the Niagara Falls scenic circuit, I let him take control of Vyctor.  I must say, I’ve let people fly before and they’re always very conservative with the controls.  He was flying us all over the place!

I did a low and over at my mechanic’s grass strip.  He was outside with his dogs and waved at us.  I let James fly again, then we headed back to the airport to do some aerobatics.  I did a loop, roll, snap roll, loop and roll combo then another snap roll.  I mentioned in a previous blog that I was having a hard time spinning my plane over the last couple of weeks, but figured I would try again.  I only did about one and a half spins so as to not freak out my brother too much.  He rather enjoyed it though!  It was a really nice visit and I hope we keep in touch and get together again soon.

I noted in a previous blog that I have been having an issue with retaining fluids.  This has caused me to become quite dehydrated, which has led to weakness, fatigue and just feeling all round yucky.  It was even worse today so I decided to call a nurse at Ontario’s Tele Health.  She started asking me about my symptoms.  I had done a little research on the possible causes of frequent urination, so I had some ideas of what she might ask.  After about two questions, I interrupted her and said “Please tell me you’re not going to ask if I have an enlarged prostate!?”  She said no, then paused….then burst out laughing.  We were both still giggling during the next few questions.  When she got to the end of her question list, she said that I need to see a doctor within four hours.  I phoned my doctor’s office, even though it was already about 2:30.  The receptionist said that my doctor was not in the office today but would be at a walk-in clinic in Welland this afternoon.  My mother was kind enough to pick me up and take me to the clinic.  My doctor thought that my symptoms were rather odd and she said that it could possibly be diabetes isipidus.  She ordered a bunch of blood and urine tests, so I’m going to head over to the lab tomorrow morning and get everything done.  She said even though I’m so thirsty and feel dehydrated, I need to limit my fluid intake as to not “feed the fire.”  I’m trying but right now my skin is so dry that I’ve been filing my nails on back of my hands like an emery board!  Hopefully I’ll get some answers soon and I no longer have to walk around like a dried out, crusty celery stick!

Today’s symptoms:  Not feeling too good today due to the dehydration.  It seems to get progressively worse during the day. 

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