I Lapsed Again!

Sorry I haven’t posted in six days – how rude! 

I was able to go for another aerobatic flight this weekend.  My friend’s parents were down for a visit and I offered to do a little air show for them.  She lives close to the airport, so I was able to very safely do aerobatics almost right over the airport, which is where I usually do them.  I gave her a call on my cell before taking off, just to make sure they were ready.  I called the tower to let them know I was “commencing aerobatics,”  sent my friend a quick text “WEEEEEE!!!!” and off I went.  I did loops, rolls, snap rolls, Cuban 8′s and a few combinations.  She sent me a text as I was flying away.  This is a huge part of the reason why I love flying so much (my messages are green):

What a great flight and I’m glad I could give them a little treat during their visit.

Despite the nice weather, I haven’t been up since then.  I am flying over a charity golf tournament through work on Friday though.

Here’s a kitty update:  They’re all nuts.  Here was a sight I’ve never seen before.  I don’t know how they both fit under there:

I was texting a friend the other night and the alert on the phone scared a couple of kitties who were all tucked into bed.  Once I got them all back together, I snapped this pic – it was pitch black in the room:

Figures googly little Abby looks like she has headlights attached to her face!

So that’s about the excitement of my week.  I’m looking forward to a couple of flights this weekend, as the weather is supposed to be great.

Today’s symptoms:  I’m finally feeling better after almost a month long sinus infection.  It totally wiped me out.  I was actually getting nervous that the CCSVI surgery was no longer working for me, as I was more tired and fatigued than I had been in a long time.  I think it was just the infection though.  I was put on antibiotics and have been finished them for a few days now.  I felt much, much better this week than the last few.  My mind has been clearer too.  I was even able to create this amazing display with some mugs at Winners:

Cut me some slack – there was a very limited selection of letters!  Mr. Meek is all you’re going to get!

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