Transponder Fixed!

I had the day off today so a friend from our Recreational Aircraft Association group flew with me to Brantford.  I had to pick up my transponder and drop off the rental at the avionics shop.  My passenger, Fred, had a headset to pick up.  We took off from the St. Catharines Airport just after 9:00am.  It was much more hazy than I thought it would be, according to the previous day’s forecast.  Still, it was a very calm and smooth flight.  We arrived in Brantford after a 39 minute flight.  We parked outside of the avionics shop, close to this beauty:


I really don’t know if I believe what it says on the tail:

Fred and I spoke with the folks at the avionics shop, then went to the restaurant for some toast, coffee and a chat.  The traffic was fairly light while we were there, but at least we were able to watch few planes going in and out.

Back to the shop, I was very happy with my bill.  They were able to fix my transponder, which saved me from buying a new one (around $2500!)  Fred and I had a nice flight back, although the sun still had not burned off all of the yucky haze.

I drove down to the pet store in Niagara Falls to take advantage of the sale they had.  My kitties eat Royal Canin, which is quite expensive.  I need all the sales I can get!  Speaking of kitties, check out little Boo and Pinky on the cable receiver:

Mya has been sleeping in their favourite spot the last few days, so I guess they had to find somewhere else to go.  Mind you, the cable receiver is Abby’s favourite spot.  Everyone is getting displaced!

Today’s symptoms: Felt great!  My energy level was high and the only pain I was dealing with was a headache that started later in the day.


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