Deep Fried Brie

It’s been a great long weekend.  Happy Birthday, Canada! 

I know I promised myself that once I had the CCSVI surgery and started feeling better, that I would start taking more vacation time.  Well, it hasn’t happened yet.  Grrr….  I did convince myself to take the afternoon off on Thursday so I could hit the skies and work on my aerobatics.  I took two herbal Gravol (pure ginger, nothing else) and wore my electronic anti-nausea bracelet.  The combo worked like a charm.  I was doing aerobatics for about an hour!  I worked on my snap-rolls (they still need work) and taught myself the Cuban 8.  I may go up again tomorrow for aerobatics as well as a scenic flight around Niagara.  Speaking of flight, I flew again on Friday night.  I took up someone from the St. Catharines Tower (I won’t mention his name for fear of his coworkers finding out and heckling him!)  We took off around 9:30pm and headed over Niagara-On-The-Lake, then Welland and over Niagara Falls for the fireworks.  We both tried to take pictures with my camera, but I’m pretty sure I had it on the wrong setting.  The fireworks came out looking rather pyschedelic:

Crazy!  It was a great flight.  He was quite impressed with what the new runways lights look like.  He was a little concerned over my presumed lack of hearing though.  At one point he said “Gay pride parade” and I thought he said “Deep fried brie.”  Then he said how bears were coming to his neighbourhood.  I was really concerned that they would track him down and eat him (nom nom nom!)  Fortunately, he said “a fair” rather than “bears.”  What a relief!

Chuck and I were going to fly to Stratford on Saturday.  I called for a weather briefing and found out we were expecting thunderstorms and general poopy weather for the afternoon.  Needless to say, we didn’t go.  We headed over to the States instead, where we both bought new shoes to wear to the aviation expo in Oshkosh later this month.  I can’t even imagine how many miles we’re going to end up walking each day.

The weather was perfect today and the kitties were enjoying laying in the sun:

Abby enters the scene:

She soon left and wandered out onto the balcony:

Mya and Pinky remained together for about an hour:

Today’s symptoms:  I’m feeling great today!  My energy level is high and I don’t have a headache.  Life is good!


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