Heat Wave

OK, maybe heat wave was a little exaggerated, but we’ve still had a couple of very hot days.  Yesterday was 33 degrees with a humidex of 42!  Yuck!  Most normal kitties would be sprawled all over the place, trying to stay cool.  Not my little goobers.  Despite the heat, they were all snuggled under the blankets:


Abby being her googly, typical self:

Pinkster and Boo enjoying the new throws I bought for them:

Fortunately (since I have an MS related heat intolerance) it has cooled off quite a bit.  We’re supposed to get a storm tomorrow, but hopefully it won’t hit until later in the afternoon.  Our office is having our annual social golf game.  I plan on flying over and snapping a few pics.

I had the day off today and my little mother drove to St. Catharines to join me at the lab for blood work.  On top of the monthly IV’s, I’ve also been getting monthly blood work.  I’m starting to get track marks on my arms!  After that, we wandered around the PEN Centre.  I was able to find some tops to wear at

Oshkosh (world’s largest aviation expo) at the end of July.  Chuck and I are going and we’re both very excited!While typing this blog, I looked over at cute, little Abby sleeping ever so peacefully.  I like how her chin is pushed forward, making the line of her mouth lose its downward slope:

She’s so precious!

Today’s symptoms:  I felt quite good today.  My energy was great.  The only MS issue that was bothersome was the sharp pains in my hands and arms.

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