Month: June 2011

Great Appointment

I met with my neurologist on Friday.  I was a little hesitant to tell him about having the CCSVI surgery, as he wasn’t really recommending it until more research was done.  I let him know about a month before the surgery that I was going to have it done, so at least it was no surprise. He asked me what changes I have experienced and I mentioned the decrease in fatigue, headaches and improved balance.  I was able to demonstrate the last one during his neurological exam.  I walked heel to toe with grace!  He said I was doing great and I did not need another MRI quite yet.  Due to a slight infection, I have to hold off (yet again!) from having my next Tysabri IV infusion.  Other than that, I’m good to go!

I was supposed to take someone up for a flight on Saturday night.  We were going to fly over the Smithville fireworks (Poultry Festival!), but the weather wasn’t too good.  The clouds were fairly low and the wind was a blowin’.  I really didn’t want to leave my plane outside the hangar overnight, since no one would be at the Flying Club to open the doors once I returned.  So, we’ll have to wait until a nice night in the weeks to come, to fly over the Friday night fireworks at Niagara Falls.

Today was great – I visited with Jan and hit the Seaway Mall, then back to her place to do some things around her house.  I’m kinda glad I was away from the apartment for much of the day – there’s a bunch of rowdy dorks blaring their wretched, head-banging “music” just down the road.  Real bunch of winners!

Now I’m just watching Airplane Repo and enjoying the company of my kitties.  Speaking of which, Abby just decided to rub her nose all over my nice clean window:

After a big ol’ yawn, she jumped down, leaving only a couple new nose smears:

Today’s symptoms: I feel great today!  My energy is high, I have only a very slight headache, and I haven’t experienced any aches or pains.


Tower Visit Avec Popcorn

Nothing too exciting has happened for the first half of the week.  The weather has been yuck-o, so no flying for moi.  (Notice the French flare of this blog post!)  Today was my short day (whereas every day for my mother is a short day, since she’s so tiny!) and I was done at 1:45.  I went to the market and bought a big ol’ bag of kettle corn for the tower folks at the airport.  I drove out there for a visit and dropped off their noms (nom nom nom).  A storm came in while I was there and I got to see how their system indicates lightning strikes.  It was rather neat!  After a natter, I ran out into the rain and headed over the Lower Bridge in Niagara Falls (Nexus only) to pick up my package in our mailbox in the States.  I was in the US for about three minutes total – I love Nexus! Once home, I did some stuff around the apartment, then I got out the waffle maker I bought Chuck for Father’s Day.  I did exactly what it said in the rather simple instructions.  It’s supposed to be a non-stick surface – yeah, right!  Does this look non-stick to vouz?


I was going to take it back, after I cleaned it.  However, I’m going to give it another go with some PAM spray.  If that doesn’t do the trick, then back it goes!  Enough of that silliness!

I’ll be leaving work a little early tomorrow for an appointment with my neurologist.  I have a feeling he may order another MRI to see if the Tysabri infusions are helping to shrink the two honkin’ lesions on my brain, which formed in December of 2010.  The average size of an MS lesion is around 1 mm.  I go big or go home – check out these bad boys!

One of these caused my right foot to become very weak, so that I had to walk with a cane.  This happened just before Christmas last year.  I sure home these monthly IV infusions are shrinking the lesions and preventing any new ones from forming.

Today’s symptoms: Feeling the best I’ve felt all week!  I’ve had a fairly bad headache for a few days, plus some stabbing pains in my hands and arms.  My energy level was great today!

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Night Flight

I was able to fly over another charity golf tournament this past Friday.  This one was to raise money for Tender Wishes for the Niagara Chapter.  I donated a flight in their auction and raised $200. 

I flew this weekend as well.  My night rating lapsed (you have to do five take-offs and landing in six months), so I took advantage of the perfect weather last night.  I took off around 8:45, with the sun setting at exactly 8:59.  Night in aviation is 30 minutes after sunset, so I flew around Niagara waiting for darkness to fall.  I did three touch and go’s at Grimsby Airpark, then five more in St. Catharines.  Our new runways lights are just so neat!  I did have something a little creepy happen though.  Just as I was touching down during my second landing, all runway lights turned off.  They are on a timer and you click your microphone button a few times to turn them back on.  Mind you, there is a delay of a couple seconds before they light up, so it was a little weird flying toward the runway in complete blackness during that time.  I took a video (had my camera stick-tacked to my dash).  I have to get the video section back up on my website to post the lovely footage.  Other than that minor incident, it was a great flight and I look forward to doing another one at night soon.

A friend of mine from work and her daughter came over to visit my hairless kitties.  After a few minutes, all four of them came out and were very social.  My friend and her daughter brought my little goobers some new toys – and they love them!  Here’s what our living room looks like right now:

I was shocked to find Mya sleeping on the couch with Boo and Pinky.  This is where they sleep every night, while Mya and Abby sleep in the bed with me.  Mind you, Boo and Pinky are more than welcome to join us!

I kinda wish there was more of Pinky than her little butt in the picture.

Little Mya was quite content:

Today’s symptoms:  Not too much to report!  My energy level was quite good today, considering my hour and a half night flight last night!  My only issue over the last few days has been the sharp and sometimes very intense pains in my arms and hands.

New Discovery

It hasn’t been the greatest weekend.  I was so bummed out on Saturday, I spent the whole day in bed.  I found out on Friday that one of Recreational Aircraft Association members passed away.  That same day, the wife of another member passed away – it’s just so sad.  After forwarding the very sad news to the rest of the members, I went to sleep on a very soggy pillow.  I guess we’ll have a lot to talk about and many memories to share during our RAA meeting tomorrow night.

I have the day off tomorrow.  My mother and I are flying to Brantford to have my transponder looked at.  Actually, it’s the one I’m borrowing from the avionics shop to try to determine if the problem is with my transponder or the wiring in my plane.  Unfortunately, the indicator light (lets me know if it’s working or not) on the loaner is not working.  I’ll be flying again tomorrow night to my RAA meeting.  We typically have our summer meetings at the Welland Airport.

The last time I flew was on Friday for our annual social golf tournament at work.  It was at a course in Niagara Falls:

Here’s a shot of the apron outside of the Flying Club, whilst on my way in to land:

After landing, I went over to Chuck’s office to check out the items up for auction on Saturday.  I decided to test out one of the bathtubs when I arrived:

I just wanted to share with you a discovery I made this weekend.  If you make pistachio pudding with milk that is at its expiration date, the pudding will turn blue once the milk goes past that date:


Today’s symptoms:  My energy has been quite good, but I’ve had a bad headache all day.  Quite a few aches and pains in my hands and arms too.


Heat Wave

OK, maybe heat wave was a little exaggerated, but we’ve still had a couple of very hot days.  Yesterday was 33 degrees with a humidex of 42!  Yuck!  Most normal kitties would be sprawled all over the place, trying to stay cool.  Not my little goobers.  Despite the heat, they were all snuggled under the blankets:


Abby being her googly, typical self:

Pinkster and Boo enjoying the new throws I bought for them:

Fortunately (since I have an MS related heat intolerance) it has cooled off quite a bit.  We’re supposed to get a storm tomorrow, but hopefully it won’t hit until later in the afternoon.  Our office is having our annual social golf game.  I plan on flying over and snapping a few pics.

I had the day off today and my little mother drove to St. Catharines to join me at the lab for blood work.  On top of the monthly IV’s, I’ve also been getting monthly blood work.  I’m starting to get track marks on my arms!  After that, we wandered around the PEN Centre.  I was able to find some tops to wear at

Oshkosh (world’s largest aviation expo) at the end of July.  Chuck and I are going and we’re both very excited!While typing this blog, I looked over at cute, little Abby sleeping ever so peacefully.  I like how her chin is pushed forward, making the line of her mouth lose its downward slope:

She’s so precious!

Today’s symptoms:  I felt quite good today.  My energy was great.  The only MS issue that was bothersome was the sharp pains in my hands and arms.


NHL hockey legend Marcel Dionne had a golf tournament this weekend for a local charity.  Since he’s done so much for me and my MS cause, I offered to do a fly over of the event for him.  The weather was amazing – perfect for golf and flying. 

The shotgun start was around 1:00

I was able to see a few people waving at me so I tipped my wings.

If I didn’t have to go back to work, I would have flown around the Niagara Falls scenic circuit, as it was just so clear.  Here’s a zoomed in shot of Niagara Falls while on my way back to land in St. Catharines:

The weather wasn’t too pleasant yesterday so I didn’t go for a flight.  I considered going this afternoon, but my visit with my mother lasted longer than I expected.  It was great though – I didn’t get home until after 4:00.  Before the CCSVI surgery, I would have never lasted that long!  Yea!

I came home to a rather cute sight today.  Mya and Abby were being their sweet and peaceful selves:

On another bright note, all four kitties are getting along very well.  They still typically stay in their teams of two, but are all interacting with each other more and more every day.

I’m so glad that all four naked ladies are getting along!

Today’s symptoms: Although I didn’t sleep great last night, I felt really good today.  I visited with my mother from around 11:00 to 4:00, and really haven’t started to slow down until 7:00 ish.  I’ve had quite a few sharp pains in my upper arms today.