I think my last blog was on Saturday, so tonight I’ll mention my joyous Sunday.  The weather was decent and I was feeling fine, so I hit the skies for a short flight.  Marcel Dionne and Chuck were golfing with some hockey legends and other folks at a golf course in Niagara Falls.  I flew over the course and took a few arial pics:

Chuck made sure I knew I was flying over the correct golf course, by waving a flag: (bottom right dude):

He asked me if I saw him and I kinda felt bad when I had to say no.  I was too busy flying the plane and taking pictures!  I was also giving myself a pedicure, eating nachos and watching a BBC documentary.

After the short flight, I drove to Fonthill to visit my cute little mother.  While we were walking through the mall, I mentioned how something was poopy, which led to a couple poopy-related comments.  I guess we got what we asked for when we walked out to her car:

Some poor bird really had some gastro-intestinal issues.  It was all over the roof, windshield and hood too!  Glad I didn’t decide to drive that day!

I have tomorrow off and hope to go for a flight, then meet up with a friend from work.  She hasn’t met the new kitties yet.  She is a cat lover as well, with seven of her own!

Today’s symptoms:  I felt quite good today.  I got a little tired by around 2:00, but it wasn’t like my typical fatigue.  Yesterday wasn’t as good.  I was very tired and having a hard time staying awake.  However, I did have my Recreational Aircraft Association meeting the night before – we’ll blame it on that.

Posted by Lizzy McFly at 5/11/2011 6:39 PM

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