Waterloo Breakfast

It was supposed to be mostly sunny today with a few cloudy periods – wrong!  My friend from work and I were planning on flying to Waterloo for breakfast.  We met at a soggy and rainy St. Catharines Airport around 9:00 this morning.  She didn’t think we could go due to the rain, but the visibility was good, the ceiling was high enough and the rain was light so off we flew!  My transponder has been acting up over my last few flights so I wasn’t sure if we would be able to fly to Waterloo.  If it kicked out while we were on our way, we would have gone to Brantford (uncontrolled airport) instead.  Fortunately, it stayed on during the flight.  While over Hamilton, I told my co-pilot that I would give the Tower a position update once over the Burlington Skyway.  She read my previous blog and commented “Which Skyway?”  It’s so nice that it’s not just me who picks on my little mother!  Shortly after, we landed in Waterloo.  We had a nice breakfast and chat.  We both enjoyed watching the planes taking off and landing.  I love the restaurant there, as it’s a great view:


I mentioned that the ride back may be a little bumpy due to the low clouds that rolled in:

It actually wasn’t too bad on the way home.  The visibility dropped quite a bit though.  However, we were both glad we were able to go today.

Once home, I was happy to see my “old” girls and my “new” girls are finally starting to tolerate each other:

Little Boo missed the photo op as she was on the chair under the dining room table.

On a final note, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you cute mothers out there!

Today’s symptoms:  Great, yet again!  Man, I’m still in shock every day over how much better I feel since the CCSVI surgery a little over a month ago.  I was a little tired after my flight today, but nothing like it used to be.


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