Month: May 2011

Kitty Dialogue

I haven’t had anything too exciting happen over the last few days, thus the lack of blogage.  I did have an interesting conversation with one of my new kitties.  It went a little something like this:

“Hello little Boo.  How was your day?  Hey, where’s your sister, Pinky?”

“What do you mean you don’t know?  What’s that under your front left paw?”

“What kind of look is that?  Do you think this is funny?”

“Stop laughing!  This is serious!  Pull back the blanket so I can see what you have hidden under there!”

“Oh my Gosh!  It’s Pinky!  Boo, did you kill your sister and try to hide her under the blanket?”

“Don’t pull that little innocent face with me!  You’re in big trouble, missy!  Go to your room!  No treats for you tonight!”

“Well you should have thought of that before doing what you did today!  Now get!”

Fortunately, Pinky was fine, just a little smooshed.  Boo apologized to her and everything is back to normal…for now….

I was supposed to fly to the Downsview fly-in today, but couldn’t go due to the yucky weather.  Blah.  On a bright note, I did get to see the Lancaster fly over while on its way back to Hamilton:

Today’s symptoms:  Still dealing with a sinus issue, so I had a pretty bad headache for most of the day.  Quite a few aches and pains in my arms and hands too.  At least my fatigue wasn’t bad.

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Wacky Weather

The last week has been crazy weather-wise.  The forecast has been dismal, with rain predicted for almost every day.  I was supposed to take one of our previous Recreational Aircraft Association guest speakers for a flight yesterday.  I couldn’t believe it when I looked out the bedroom window when I woke up and couldn’t even see across the street.  The fog was insane!  I phoned London Flight Service for a weather briefing and was told there was a chance of thunderstorms throughout the day.  Needless to say, our flight was cancelled.  Bummer.  We rescheduled for today but it was the same story with regards to the fog.  I checked the weather when I arrived at work this morning and the visibility was 2km.  About 10 minutes later it was updated to 0.8km visibility.  In another 10 minutes, it was 0km.  Ugh!  I called London Flight Service at 9:00, 11:00 and 1:30.  Eventually I was told that the ceiling was around 3000′ and there was a chance of only scattered showers.  I decided to call my co-pilot and tell her we could go for our flight.  I drove out to her home near Queenston.  We drove to the airport through a downpour.  Hmmm…..I could see the sky was quite a bit clearer to the North and West, so I was quite confident that our flight was still going to happen.  While doing my pre-flight inspection, another plane landed and parked near mine.  I spoke with the flight instructor and he said it was really smooth up there with areas of very high ceiling.  Onward and upward!


I was really hoping to take us over Niagara Falls.  I couldn’t believe it when I noticed there were no clouds directly in or over the Niagara Falls scenic circuit.  We were able to climb to 3500′ and do a few circuits around the Falls.  We also flew over

Marineland and saw the whales swimming around their tanks.  After leaving the scenic circuit, I let the co-pilot take over the controls.  She seemed to really enjoy taking control of the plane.  It brought back memories of my first few flying lessons.  I was quite nervous to do anything even remotely drastic with the controls.  Now I don’t hesitate to fly like a maniac (safely!) when I’m by myself!  Drastic is fun!It was a really nice flight and I greatly enjoyed the company!

You know what else is great?  My little kitties eat their breakfast each morning in peace and harmony.  The new kitties are settling down nicely and there are fewer hisses and growls each day.

Boo and Pinky didn’t seem to mind when little Mya decided to sleep in their bed:

How could they possibly mind with a face like that?

Today’s symptoms: I felt great!  Yet again I’m singing praise for the CCSVI procedure!  It’s a month and a half since the surgery and I’ve never felt so good.  The reduction of my fatigue is all I’ve dreamed about since I was a kid!

Friday the 13th

The only Friday the 13th in 2011 just happened a couple of days ago.  Despite the less than perfect weather, I took a couple hours vacation time and flew out to Port Dover.  Every Friday the 13th, over 100,000 bikers meet in this quaint town for a “little” get together.  Here are a few pics:


I passed many bikers driving into the town.  Here are a few of them arriving:

I didn’t stay over the town for too long, as the weather was getting worse and it was supposed to start raining in the afternoon.  Back to work I flew!

I wasn’t able to fly this weekend as the weather has been horrible.  It’s supposed to rain for the next week!  Ugh!

All of the kitties are finally getting along in our apartment.  I thought I lost Pinky and Boo yesterday.  Fortunately, the askew couch cushion gave away their position:

Yup, the little goobers are sleeping between the couch back and the cushion.  Talk about weird!

I’ve felt pretty good all weekend.  I cleaned around the apartment for around 10 hours yesterday!  I shredded tons of paperwork and donated a couple bags of clothes.  Everything is rearranged nicely and I plan to keep it that way, gosh darn it!

Today’s symptoms:  Felt great!  I’ve had a fairly bad headache for the last few days, but my fatigue level is still much better than it’s ever been!

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I think my last blog was on Saturday, so tonight I’ll mention my joyous Sunday.  The weather was decent and I was feeling fine, so I hit the skies for a short flight.  Marcel Dionne and Chuck were golfing with some hockey legends and other folks at a golf course in Niagara Falls.  I flew over the course and took a few arial pics:

Chuck made sure I knew I was flying over the correct golf course, by waving a flag: (bottom right dude):

He asked me if I saw him and I kinda felt bad when I had to say no.  I was too busy flying the plane and taking pictures!  I was also giving myself a pedicure, eating nachos and watching a BBC documentary.

After the short flight, I drove to Fonthill to visit my cute little mother.  While we were walking through the mall, I mentioned how something was poopy, which led to a couple poopy-related comments.  I guess we got what we asked for when we walked out to her car:

Some poor bird really had some gastro-intestinal issues.  It was all over the roof, windshield and hood too!  Glad I didn’t decide to drive that day!

I have tomorrow off and hope to go for a flight, then meet up with a friend from work.  She hasn’t met the new kitties yet.  She is a cat lover as well, with seven of her own!

Today’s symptoms:  I felt quite good today.  I got a little tired by around 2:00, but it wasn’t like my typical fatigue.  Yesterday wasn’t as good.  I was very tired and having a hard time staying awake.  However, I did have my Recreational Aircraft Association meeting the night before – we’ll blame it on that.

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Waterloo Breakfast

It was supposed to be mostly sunny today with a few cloudy periods – wrong!  My friend from work and I were planning on flying to Waterloo for breakfast.  We met at a soggy and rainy St. Catharines Airport around 9:00 this morning.  She didn’t think we could go due to the rain, but the visibility was good, the ceiling was high enough and the rain was light so off we flew!  My transponder has been acting up over my last few flights so I wasn’t sure if we would be able to fly to Waterloo.  If it kicked out while we were on our way, we would have gone to Brantford (uncontrolled airport) instead.  Fortunately, it stayed on during the flight.  While over Hamilton, I told my co-pilot that I would give the Tower a position update once over the Burlington Skyway.  She read my previous blog and commented “Which Skyway?”  It’s so nice that it’s not just me who picks on my little mother!  Shortly after, we landed in Waterloo.  We had a nice breakfast and chat.  We both enjoyed watching the planes taking off and landing.  I love the restaurant there, as it’s a great view:


I mentioned that the ride back may be a little bumpy due to the low clouds that rolled in:

It actually wasn’t too bad on the way home.  The visibility dropped quite a bit though.  However, we were both glad we were able to go today.

Once home, I was happy to see my “old” girls and my “new” girls are finally starting to tolerate each other:

Little Boo missed the photo op as she was on the chair under the dining room table.

On a final note, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you cute mothers out there!

Today’s symptoms:  Great, yet again!  Man, I’m still in shock every day over how much better I feel since the CCSVI surgery a little over a month ago.  I was a little tired after my flight today, but nothing like it used to be.



Finally, a perfect weather day!  I was off today so Jan and I decided to fly to Stratford.  They have a quaint town, similar to Niagara-On-The-Lake and St. Jacobs.  My minuscule mother arrived at my apartment around 9:00 this morning.  She visited her grandkids (Mya, Abby, Boo and Pinky) then off to the airport we went.

The flight there was a little bumpy, so I got plenty of mean looks and insults from my adorable mom.  After about 50 minutes of glares and sighs, we arrived at the Stratford Airport.  The dispatcher in the terminal was kind enough to call us a cab while we were coming in for a landing.  We only had to wait a couple of minutes for it to arrive after parking the plane. After a short cab ride, we were dropped off at the

Tim Hortons in the downtown area.  We sucked back a coffee and Jan had a muffin while I had my usual bagel.  The first store we browsed, Jan found a couple of really nice cardinal pictures for her bedroom.  We didn’t want to lug them around, so we told the proprietor that we would come back later to pick them up.  The next store we entered had a really cute mascot:

I tried to smuggle her out of the store under my coat, but was tackled at the door by the manager.

I was more interested in finding things for my friends at work than myself.  However (big smile) I found the cutest lamp:

You can either plug it in or it’s solar powered (thus the solar panel and big “Solar Power” sign) and it lights up (thus the lamp) and the little airplanes spin.  Isn’t it precious?

We had a really nice day and walked around for over three hours.  I felt really good – I never had to take any of my wake-up medication!  Yea!  We picked up Jan’s pictures and called a taxi to take us back to the airport.  It was nice to see cute little Vyctor sitting on the apron, patiently waiting for us.

We snapped a few pictures on the flight back (which to my dismay, since my mother glared at me and snarled the whole flight) was much more bumpy then heading into Stratford:

The wind was a little more at our back, so the flight home was a bit shorter.  We were clipping along at a nice speed:

I asked Jan to take a picture of the Skyway that was directly in front of us and clearly in sight.  She asked “Which one?”  I suggested that perhaps the one right there, since we passed the other one about 20 minutes ago:

Nice pic by the way, little mother-dearest!

We arrived back at the St. Catharines airport with all of our newly purchased goodies:

Before leaving the airport, I asked if one of their co-op students would clean my plane tomorrow.  The aerobatics I’ve been doing over the last couple of weeks really left Vyctor with an oily belly!  Yuck!

Today’s symptoms:  Felt great, yet again!  The CCSVI surgery did everything I hoped for!  My energy is better than I can ever remember.


CCSVI Update!

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I had a great day on Saturday.  I was practically symptom-free.  I figured I would pay for it the next day – nope!  I had an even better day on Sunday!  My tiny mother came by to visit and we headed out to the PEN Centre.  Usually I start feeling tired after just an hour or so of shopping.  My fatigue level hardly increased during three hours at the mall.  Once back at home, I had dinner then worked out on my exercise bike for over an hour!  I had yet another great day today at work.  I hardly got tired at all and was able to do yet another hour of exercise after dinner tonight.  Yea!  Looks like the blood thinner drug is coming out of my system (finally!) and the positive effects of the CCSVI surgery are coming through.  These last three days have been amazing.  I’ve been dealing with fatigue (sometimes severe) since I was eight years old.  Wow!  “Normal” people are so lucky!


With my new energy, I’m really looking forward to my day off on Thursday.  My mother and I are considering flying over to Stratford to visit the quaint town.  I flew us in a few years ago.  Unfortunately, I didn’t last too long because I didn’t want to get too tired so that I couldn’t fly us back home!  I’m sure I’ll be able to last longer this time.

Today’s symptoms:  Feeling great!  I was a little tired after getting home from work, but I’m assuming that’s normal for most people.  I’ve had a few aches and pains in my arms today, but nothing more than usual.