Aviation Expo – Hamilton

The Hamilton Aviation Expo is on this weekend.  Since the weather was perfect today, Chuck and I flew in this morning.  The flight was very smooth and the visibility was amazing.  We landed just after 10:00am.  As usual, little Vyctor stuck out like a sore (albeit cute!) thumb:


I met up with a few of my Recreational Aircraft Association folks.  They mentioned to me that a few of the Officers from the documentary TV series Jetstream were outside.  I’ve seen every episode a few times – love it!  Captain Tristan McKee and Captain Dave McLeod were kind enough to let me pose with them.  Where am I, you ask?  I’m that ghost-like, pale, almost transparent, twig-like entity standing between them:

They were kind enough to give me the OK to post their pics on my blog – thanks again!

I also met up with the guys from Aviation Jewelry, from whom I’ve bought most of my favourite jewelry. We met them down in Sun N Fun earlier this month.  Of course, I bought a few items down there and bought a few more today!  Their stuff is very well done and quite unique.  We’re really looking forward to meeting up with them again in Oshkosh this summer.Chuck and I frolicked around the vendors and exhibits for a few hours.  It was a little disappointing to see there were less people in attendance than over the last couple of years.  There were less vendors as well.  Bummer.  Regardless, it was a great day and we’ll certainly go back next year.

The crowd was beginning to thin as we walked back out to the apron.  Fortunately, my plane was still there, waiting patiently for us:

There was a line of planes taxiing across the apron.  I waited a few minutes before firing up.  I guess I should have waited even longer.  Once we joined the line, we were all told to shut down.  There were para-jumpers taking off and I guess spinning propellers and folks dangling from large pieces of fabric through the air, is not a good mix.  We were sitting for less than 10 minutes when a marshaller told us to restart and carry on.

The flight home was a little more bumpy, but still great visibility.  Chuckles snapped a pic of St. Catharines as we approached the airport:

It was nice to be going home, as I was getting a bit tired from the long day.

Today’s symptoms: I had yet another great day since the CCSVI surgery!  I didn’t start to get pooped until around 2:00 today.  That’s pretty good considering how tired I usually get after a flight.  We did a lot of walking around today too.  Still, no headaches!  It’s been almost a month and the veins in my neck are still a little sore.  I guess this is to be expected since they were stretched to more than twice their previous size.


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