Ok, two days after my CCSVI surgery and I was back to work!  Mind you, I went in at 10:00am rather than my usual 7:15am, and I only was able to stay until 12:00.  My coworkers seemed happy to see me – I received many hugs!  However, they all said that I should be home resting.  I heard this from just about everyone I spoke to.  They also threatened to take me out back and kick my butt if I show up tomorrow.  I think I may actually take their advice. 

As for how I feel today, I don’t have the typical (daily) MS fatigue, at least not as bad as I usually experience it.  I’m really tired, but it’s more like a normal-person tired.  I just feel like I’ve done too much and my body is a little pooped!  This is much different (and much more tolerable) than the MS fatigue, which feels like my limbs are encased in cement, making simple movements arduous.  I don’t have the MS brain fog either.  I didn’t go into this surgery thinking I would jump off the table and feel wonderful.  I know how much farther I would fall if I had set my expectations that high.  I know that every day things are going to get a bit better.  It may take weeks, months or years.

When we were at the Orlando Airport getting ready for our flight home, I noticed my left hand felt slightly warm. It was pink and so was the left side of my face.  I’m hoping this is a sign of the increased blood flow.  Speaking of the airport, we were able to change our flight from 6:30pm to 1:10pm.  The wonderful folks at the AI3 Clinic got me in for my follow-up doppler ultrasound for 7:30am rather than our 11:00am scheduled time.  I was quite nervous while he was doing the scan, hoping that he wouldn’t say my veins look like their previous yucky selves.  Quite the opposite – they looked quite good!  What a relief!  The whole left side of my neck and a lower section of the right side are quite sore still.  This is the best pain/soreness I’ve ever experienced!  I’m sure it’s because my sissy little dainty veins were stretched into wonderful, big sassy veins!  I will certainly keep y’all posted on my daily improvements.

On the way from the luggage drop-off to the gate area of the airport, we took a train.  Chuck snapped this joyous pic:

I also forgot to share the lovely portrait of Mr. Skinny Bird Dude:

Tee hee!  Look at his little spindly legs!

Oh, I did another interview with Cogeco before I left.  Click here for the link.

Ok, almost finished.  I was just taking out my camera to check the pictures on the card when little Miss Abby and Mya decided it was time for a photo shoot.  Mya, looking cute and totally anti-fluffy:

Abby decided that she needed an ultra close-up:

Today’s symptoms: Tired….JUST TIRED!  Wow, I love being just tired!!!

Posted by Lizzy McFly at 4/7/2011 6:02 PM

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