CCSVI Surgery Complete!

Chuck and I were ready to head over to the AI Clinic in Clearwater, Florida for our 9:30 surgery time (we needed to arrive an hour early).  We received a call on his cell around 7:40am, asking if we could come earlier due to a cancelation.  Great!  That just saved me an hour of worry!  We arrived at 7:55am and was brought into the prep area right away.  I had an IV inserted and chewed on a Valium.  I still don’t know if I was more nervous about the surgery or the results of the surgery!  Chuck snapped a pic of me in my sexy gown:

Before we knew it, I was being wheeled off into the surgery room:

The staff was amazing – so nice and really made me feel at ease.  Still, I was quite happy when they administered my first shot of meds that helped me to relax.  If I’m not mistaken, she gave me another shot either right before the surgery or soon after it started.  Good times!

During most of the procedure, I was able to watch it on the screen next to the table.  It was so interesting.  For the first ballooning of one of the veins on my right side, the doctor mentioned that there would be a bit of pressure.  It was a little more pressure/pain than I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t unbearable.  I really can’t remember how many times he inflated the balloon on the right side.  He asked me each time if the pressure was mild, moderate or severe.  I never had to say severe.  After completing the right side, he made his way up the left.  This is the side that had the most narrowed veins.  The pressure from the balloons was about the same on the left, until he blew through a valve.  It was fairly painful, but the neat thing was the sound it made – POP!  Tee Hee!  After that, he did a few more balloons on the left and then he was done.  I think the surgery was only about an hour.

Back out into the recovery area, Chuck made his way over from the waiting room.  The nurses were amazing and checked on me constantly.  One even brought Chuck and I toasted English muffins!  As the medication slowly started to wear off, the old silly me started making its way to the surface.  Mind you, I didn’t do anything too naughty.  Well, I did set off the alarm when I removed the heart rate monitor from my finger and tried to put it on Chuck’s.  I let the nurses that there was nothing to see here and to carry on as if I was normal.

We thought I would have to stay in the clinic for close to four hours, but the puncture point was healing well.  I was allowed to get up and use the little girls room, and soon after I got back to the bed, I was discharged.  Now I’m sitting comfortably in the hotel room.  My neck is quite sore – no complaints though, as it’s good pain.  It means I’m going to feel better soon!

I will keep you posted on my recovery.  I can’t wait until the drugs wear off and I get some sleep, then see if my fatigue levels start improving!

Today’s symptoms: Well, the day is only half over and I’m still very groggy from the meds.  Hmmmm….not too much to write about symptom-wise today!  Sorry about any typo’s in this blog – we’ll blame it on the drugs!

Posted by Lizzy McFly at 4/5/2011 12:54 PM

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