Made It To Florida!

Sorry I didn’t post until today, but I did not have access to the internet.I’m happy to say, we made it to Florida.  We arrived in Orlando on Friday.  We were going to check out Sun N Fun that afternoon, but it was late and I was really tired.  I mean, REALLY tired!  We ended up going yesterday and today.  I must admit, I was so sad when I saw the planes that were damaged and/or destroyed by the massive storm that ripped through the Lakeland Airport on Thursday.  We were told that around forty planes were damaged.  Some were home-builts.  In other words, people spent years – literally hundreds of hours building these planes, only to have them destroyed by a freak storm:


Despite the damage, the show went on!

It was a great time – we visited many vendors and shops, checked out some of the ground displays, and watched the air shows.  Unfortunately, the sun and heat had a  negative effect on me, and I only lasted two to three hours each day.  Oh well, I still had a blast and would love to go back next year.

We stayed at the Oak-K Run bed and breakfast in Lakeland, Florida.  It was AMAZING!  I will post some property pictures on tomorrow night’s blog (as it’s getting late and I’m a little pooped!)  In the meantime, here a few of the critters on the farm:

I will certainly post more pics and details of our trip so far tomorrow.  I think I’m about ready to take a sleeping pill (yes, I have insomnia) and go to bed.

Today’s symptoms: Very fatigued today due to my last three days of travel and excitement.  I’ve had a pretty bad headache today, but I’m trying to refrain from taking anything for it – I usually don’t take any type of pain killer until the pain has affected my ability to function.  I keep reading this blog before publishing, and find errors each time.  Needless to say, my mind isn’t overly sharp today!

Posted by Lizzy McFly at 4/3/2011 9:09 PM

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