It’s A Public Place…

I had my Tysabri shot on Friday afternoon.  The infusion itself went fine, but as usual, I didn’t feel too well afterwards.  Chuck and I got home around 5:00.  We picked up subs on the way.  I think I crawled into bed around 7:00, slept for over an hour, then went back to bed at 10:30.  I was out until around 8:30 Saturday morning.  As with the last two infusions, the day after was spent in bed – very weak, fatigued and achy.  Fortunately, I slept in until after 11:00 (holy cow!) on Sunday, and felt quite a bit better.  My little mother came to visit me.  We decided to go to the PEN Centre, first stopping at the Tim Hortons in the mall.  There were two long line-ups and the tables were all taken.  A couple got up and my mother grabbed the four-seater table while I ordered our food.  I was totally shocked when I looked over at my mother, and there was a woman sitting next to her.  For a split second, I thought maybe she knew her, but then my mother gave me a look that said it all.  She had no clue who this woman was and was not impressed with her sitting there.  I walked over with our coffees, muffin and bagel.  The woman immediately said “This is a public place.  I can sit here if I want!”  I just said something to the effect of “whatever” and spread our food out on the table.  It was so obvious how annoyed my mother was.  I took our purses and put them on the chair next to me.  My mother said “I think the person she’s with is coming over.”  I just said “That’s nice” and didn’t move the purses.  I made sure our food (which wasn’t much!) was occupying the whole table.  A few minutes after I sat down, our visitor departed.  My mother said how rude this woman was to her.  She didn’t even ask if she could sit there.  When my mother said “I have someone coming” the woman just repeated that it was a public place and she could sit where she wanted.  I’m really glad she or the other person didn’t touch our purses, so they could use the chair.  I would have FLIPPED!  Oh, I would have made such a scene!  I was over tired, feeling icky, and didn’t have the patience to deal with rude people.  Other than that little ordeal, we had a nice time at the mall.


The weather was perfect all weekend, which was a bit of a bummer for me since I wasn’t feeling well enough to fly.  I was feeling much better today so I took some vacation time and headed out to the airport.  You’ll be thrilled to know that my new seat cushion is perfect!

I flew along the Lake Ontario shoreline.  You get a whole new perspective of the Escarpment from up there:

I headed toward Hamilton, then South before entering their airspace.  I flew down toward Lake Erie and passed the Dunnville Airport:

Then over to Port Maitland (at the mouth of the Grand River):

I thought the old lighthouse just off the shore was kinda neat:

I noticed a boat heading up the canal.  Despite how far away the boat was from the bridge, I was surprised to see the bridge was already up.  I guess that’s why we wait so long on the road:

I think this is of Crystal Beach:

And a nice clear shot of Buffalo, New York:

The Peace Bridge contained its typical traffic:

Ok, last one!  Sorry about the picture overload.  Niagara Falls:

I’m stopping now (and everyone breathes a sigh of relief!)

Today’s symptoms:  Much better than this weekend.  Very little fatigue and only a slight headache.  I’m quite pooped now, but I always am after a flight.

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