I am currently tweaking a laptop that a friend from work bought at the same time as me – the same laptop from the same place.  I look like a total laptop addict right now:


At least this means that I’ve finally taken mine out of the box.

I made a really good purchase today.  When my mother flies with me, the seven phone books she sits on to allow her to see over the dash really causes weight and balance issues with the plane.  I was hoping to buy another seat cushion from the aircraft store I where I bought the other two, but the 4″ one was around $80!  My friend and I went to the Liquidation store near work during lunch.  There were four or five boat seats (back and seat cushions) sitting on the floor.  The seat cushion was about 4″ and the back around 3″.  They were $25!  I bought one that went with the colours of the inside of my plane (blue and off-white), took it home, unscrewed the hardware hinging the two pieces together and Voila!

Fortunately, Mya has spent the night working them in.  They will be all nice and comfy for my next flight.  Speaking of which, I probably won’t be flying for the next few days – it’s supposed to snow tomorrow.  Yuck!

I was really naughty at work today.  My mother bought Mya and Abby a remote control tarantula for Christmas:

Its movements are quite realistic!  Anyway, I brought it to work, hoping to frighten a few people.  I had it crawling down the aisle, when my friend walked in.  She almost made it over to her pod when I made spidey walk out from behind a pole.  Man, I’ve never seen anyone turn on their heels and walk back in the other direction that quickly before!  We all had a good laugh (except her).  A few hours later, the same friend was sitting in the office of the Team Leader who I wanted to scare.  Another friend was standing in the office as well.  I hid on the other side of the pod and walked spidey into the office.  The girl who I scared earlier saw it and screamed at the top of her lungs!  The other friend screamed as well, but she was drowned out by the much louder scream.  Tee hee!  I got one more person later today.  She came it after 2:00.  I gave her about 30 seconds to sit down at her desk, before spidey entered her pod.  Yup, another high pitched scream!  Everyone looked as I picked up spidey and ran back to my pod.  Ah yes, it was a good day at work!

At this time in exactly two weeks, I’ll be recovering from my CCSVI Liberation surgery in a hotel room in Florida.  I can’t believe how quickly the time is flying by.  I’m starting to get a bit nervous.  I’m also trying to lower my expectation of the surgery and think of the fact that it may not work for me.  I’m certainly not trying to be negative – I would give anything for it to work and provide me some energy!  I just don’t want to set my expectations too high and have the surgery not give me the results I so desperately want.  This  would be so much harder to recover from than having slightly lower expectations.  Still, I have my hopes set on the fact that it’s going to work!  Darnit-all!  I plan on bringing my new laptop with me, so I can keep everyone posted on the process.  I wonder if the doctor will let me do a blog entry during the surgery?  How cool would that be?!

Today’s symptoms:  Feeling pretty decent as I slept great last night.  I had a really bad headache, but took one of those new Advil Nighttime pills (now available in Canada!).  Worked great!

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