Hold Short of Runway 06

I was able to take to the skies this morning.  I took up a woman from work who was a winner of one of the three flights I “donated” toward the Walk for MS fundraiser.  I was a little surprised when I pulled into the airport, as there was a swarm of cop cars.  I made my way over to the hangar and started the pre-flight inspection of my plane.  My passenger arrived and watched while I finished the walk-around.  Once done, we climbed aboard Vyctor, got our cameras ready and started up.  I taxied over to the end of the runway and was asked to hold short while a plane landed.  I decided not to complain about having to wait a couple minutes for the incoming plane, as it was the Prime Minister!  I figure since I work for the government, he’s kind of my “boss.”  Here’s a shot of his jet:

I’m sure if Mr. Harper saw how cute little Vyctor is, he would have told his pilot to overshoot the runway to let me take-off without having to wait for him.

The flight was amazingly calm.  Unfortunately, the visibility wasn’t the best due to haze and smog.  Still, my passenger really enjoyed herself.  We first headed around the Niagara Falls scenic circuit.

My passenger was shocked to see the whales in the tanks at Marineland!  After the Falls, we flew over her house in Welland.  From there we flew towards the Lake Erie shoreline, then to Fort Erie.  My mother and I went to Niagara Falls, New York yesterday, and the bridge wasn’t too busy.  That sure wasn’t the case today!  Since it’s the long weekend, the bridge was totally packed.  They said on the news that the wait on the Peace Bridge was over an hour and on the Queenston Bridge was over two hours at one point!  Yuck!  Here’s a shot of the Peace Bridge at about 10:30 this morning:

The traffic going into Canada was quite light, but check out the lines going to the US!

We followed the QEW North, then went around Niagara-On-The-Lake.  My passenger couldn’t believe the small runway we were going to land on.  We took off from the larger one, but the winds changed during the flight, so the tower changed the active runway.

After touch-down, we walked closer to the Prime Minister’s jet and snapped some photos.  Then it was back to work!

As I mentioned, Lil’ Jan and I went to the Factory Outlet Mall in Niagara Falls, NY yesterday.  She bought a pair of those

Skechers Shape-Ups shoes .  I still can’t believe how comfortable they are – I’ve been recommending them to everyone.Chuck and I are hoping to fly to Tillsonburg tomorrow for a fly-in.  However, the weather isn’t looking so good.  At least the rest of the weekend is supposed to be decent.  I would really like to take a night flight during the fire works.  Hopefully I come back to the airport without any scorch marks on the bottom of my plane.

Today’s symptoms:  Feeling fairly good today!  My fatigue level was fine until later this afternoon.  I’m still experiencing a bit of pain in my hands.

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