Great Weekend!

There was a great estate auction at Chuck’s business on Saturday (Bailiff Auctions).  My mother met us in St. Catharines around 8:30 that morning.  We stopped at Timmy’s for a coffee then headed over for the auction, which didn’t actually start until 10:00.  Still, we got there early to get a good parking spot and good seats.  I viewed most of the items a couple days before, so I had an idea of what I wanted to bid on.  I’m glad we arrived early as it was a great turn out:

My pod neighbour at work has an iron peeing Scottie dog.  I was quite surprised to see one at the auction.  After about 30 minutes, the peeing dog was brought forward.  I decided I would only pay $20.00 at the most.  However, when the bidding climbed to $20, I really became determined to win.  As you can see, I did:

I think having lucky number 17 helped!

There was a bucket o’ stuff that I was also going to bid on.  It had a couple of wooded airplanes in the bottom.  The rest of the stuff had very little value to me – it wasn’t worth much either.  I said I would cap my bidding at $20.  However, me and a guy across the room go into a bit of a bidding war.  I was shocked when we got up to $40!  Regardless, I kept the battle going and when the guy seemed a little hesitant at $52.50, I decided to bail out.  Man, did he ever euchre himself!  It wasn’t worth anywhere near that.  Ah, revenge!  He bought the airplane lamp I really wanted a few items prior to the bucket…..  *sheepish grin*

Chuck got me an amazing airplane table and a really cute pedal airplane.  I’m going to use the pedal-plane for a photo shoot with the kitties.

I bought a couple of wooden things (I have no idea what they are!) for my friend.  She saw them in a picture I took of some items when I went a few days earlier.  Actually, I only noticed the one.  It came up toward the end of the auction, when they were really flying through the items.  I opened the bid at $5.00 then yelled “Sold for $5.00!”  Tee hee!  Actually, the auctioneer said it a second after me, so I did in fact win the item.  I thought I was seeing things when he held up an identical one a few items later.  When he asked for an opening bid, I yelled “Isn’t that a two for one!”  Everyone laughed and I received the second item.  Another thing I lucked out on was a treadmill for $10.00!

We all had a great time, despite being very pooped from the rather long day.

Today, I visited my mother in Fonthill.  I didn’t stay too long because I had to get my presentation ready for my Recreational Aircraft Association meeting tomorrow night.

I just thought I would remind you of how cute Mya and Abby are:

Today’s symptoms:  A little tired and weak from doing so much yesterday.  My jaw is hurting quite a bit, I had a headache and a slew of aches and pains in my arms and hands.

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