New Invention!

I’m a little nervous mentioning this on my blog, in fear that someone else will steal the idea and produce the product.  However, I’m willing to take my chances.  My mother has come up with an amazing home decor idea.  It’s a candle that lasts forever!  How could a candle last forever, you ask?  Well, my mother said that one of her Yankee candles burnt down to the bottom, but there was still some wax left.  I told her that I chop up the unused wax and put a chunk at a time in the new candle I’m burning.  That way, nothing gets wasted.  Well, I guess Jan didn’t hear the part about “A chunk at a time” because she decided to put ALL of the chunks into her new candle.  This, of course, created a candle, with wax up to the brim!  This is where the “lasts forever” comes into play.  If there is so much wax that the wick is nothing but a minuscule stub under a great wax abyss, it lasts forever because you CAN’T LIGHT IT!  Introducing *drum roll*……….the JANDLE!


Where’s the wick?  Oh, there it is!  That puny little black speck!

I have to give my mother ALL of the credit for this amazing invention.  All I did was name it!

Ok, enough of our get-rich invention – now onto my flight yesterday!  The weather was perfect so I took a couple hours of vacation and decided to work on my aerobatics.  I was a little nervous as I hadn’t done any aerobatic maneuvers in quite a few months, and I feared serious heckling from the St. Catharines tower.

I had to wait for another plane to be moved, so my plane could be pulled out of the hangar.  To kill some time, I chatted with the Flying Club cat.  When I started my pilot lessons, he was just a little kitten:

Since I hadn’t done aerobatics in awhile, I figured I would get nauseous after just a few loops and rolls.  I was shocked that I didn’t feel sick at all.  I made sure I flew fairly straight and level for one to three minutes between each maneuver, which seemed to do the trick.

I always find it amusing how wonky my horizon indicator goes, from the unusual attitudes and G forces of the aerobatics:

It typically stays like that until I’m taxiing the plane back to the hangar.  I also took a shot of how many G’s I did:

The plane’s structural limit is positive six G’s, so I was quite safe at less than five.

It was a great flight and I was so happy that I didn’t have any issues getting back into the swing of things.

When I got home, I ran to tell Pinky and Boo about my flight.  I asked if I could take their picture.  Boo agreed but Pinky just said “Hmph”

I was just about to ask Pinky to please look up at the camera, when I caught Boo giving her an unimpressive glance:

As you can see, it did the trick!

Today’s symptoms:  I was really drained physically and emotionally today.  This lead to a pretty bad headache starting early in the afternoon.  I’ve also had many sharp body aches, mostly in my arms and hands.

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