Nippy Flight

I’m so glad the weather stayed nice enough today for me to take off from work early and go for a flight.  I left work around 12:30 and was off the ground within an hour.  I was quite glad to have my heated vest on, since it was bitter out.  It’s through Gerbing – they have everything from heated jackets to pants to gloves, etc.  Despite my mechanic fixing my little heat issue with my plane, it’s obviously still a bit cold in the freezing temps like today.  I was kicking myself for not bringing my extra pants – my legs were freezing. Oh well. 

I headed out to the southwest, toward Dunnville.  I eventually made it over to Turkey Point. Then I noticed a bunch of dark specks out on the ice near Long Point.  I made my way over and was quite surprised to see well over a hundred ice-fishing-shack-thingies.

There was a cute little home just off the shoreline:

I flew over to Long Point and despite the name, I was shocked over how long it was!

When I headed back, I saw where you could rent a fishing hut/shack thing:

I flew over Port Dover on the way back.  I love the zoom lens on my camera:

Here are a couple shots of the factory in Nanticoke – they look like they are from totally different times of the day, but I took them just minutes apart:

As I flew south of Hamilton, I could see the snow was a’coming.  There was a white wall along the Lake Ontario shoreline.  Thus, I was quite happy to be heading home:

It looks like a big storm is on its way toward Niagara, so no more flights for moi for a few days.  At least I had an amazing two hours today.

Today’s symptoms:  Much more energy that I had this weekend.  My headache was gone as well.

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