Plethora of Kitties

We’ve been trying to get the new kitties integrated with Mya and Abby.  Right now, Pinky is in her carrier with Mya sitting a foot away, staring.  So far, only a few growls and hisses, but no other signs of aggression.  I visited their previous mother today.  She gave me some treats for all of the girls.  For some reason, Sphynx cats don’t seem into catnip.  Not surprisingly, crazy little Abby is an exception to the rule.  I think one of the toys she gave us has catnip in it.  Here is a few pictures of Abby and her new friend, Homer:

Mya is clearly amused in this picture:

Put your little tongue away, Abby:

Things went quite well.  Mya sat there for a few more minutes, then got bored and walked away.

Abby is back to drooling over poor little Homer, who is now very soggy!

The weather might be decent enough for a flight tomorrow.  I’m hoping so since I haven’t flown in a few weeks.  I have about 35 hours of vacation leave to use up (we can only carry over a certain amount) so bring on the clear skies!

Today’s symptoms:  A little bit weak today and a fairly bad headache, but a pleasant day anyway!

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