I’m Normal!!!

I had a pretty good day today!  I found out that we will be doing our Marcel Dionne and Walk for MS event again this year!  I am SO excited and yet again, extremely appreciative of Marcel!  It looks like it may be on April 14th at Marcel’s store at 4424 Montrose Road, Niagara Falls.  It was a blast last year.  I am still in shock over Marcel’s store – it’s HUGE!  I will keep everyone up to date of the event on my website and in my blogs.  The Walk for MS is on April 17th this year.  Hopefully the weather will be good enough for me to fly over all three Niagara Walk sites, as I did for the last three years.  Hey, it beats walking!  Tee Hee!  Needless to say, finding out this news about Marcel put me in an amazing mood today.  This was not what I was expecting as I had my first Tysabri IV infusion today.  I was a little nervous and also not looking forward to the drive to Burlington, which is where I had it done.  Tysabri is a drug used to prevent MS flare-ups from being as frequent and severe.  It also may help to shrink the big ol’ lesion dudes on my brain. 


My mother came to my office for around 11:45 today.  She picked me up and we drove over to the apartment to change vehicles.  Why would we want to drive to Burlington in a Mercedes when we could drive in a Toyota Corolla!  Hello!  The drive was only about 45 minutes.  Mind you, we had to sit in the parking lot for about five minutes while I phoned the Tysabri care-worker folks.  I could not find the unit for the infusion clinic.  She said we had the right address.  I told her my GPS was showing the address at the middle of the intersection just diagonal to the building we were at.  I figured the middle of the road in the cold wasn’t going to be conducive to our health and safety, so I figured the GPS may have been off a little.  I went into one of the units in the building and she said she didn’t know what we were talking about.  We left all dejected and decided to walk down a few more doors.  There was a small sign on one of the doors that said “Unit 4″, so we wandered on in.  Another couple was there at the same time.  We were greeted by a nurse at the door, who was kind enough to allow us in out of the cold.  The clinic was really nice inside!  The other woman before us was hooked up to her IV, as she had a 1:00 appointment and our wasn’t until 1:30.  I tried to convince the nurse that it was my mother who was getting the IV, but she didn’t buy it.  I hunkered down in the comfy chair while she hooked me up.  It was one of the best IV’s I’ve ever had!  Piece of cake!  Speaking of which, I requested a piece of cake during my infusion (it was clearly listed on my chart, but unfortunately, the nurse missed it.)  No cake for me!  Anyway, my little mother and I snacked on some Cadbury mini eggs during the drive there, so I had my chocolate fix.  Here’s a pic of me in the chair:

Yes, I look like a total dork with my bra strap hanging out and my massive boots on my spindly legs.  Oh well!  The infusion lasted an hour and was no problem at all.  I offered to partake in a study, which consisted of a short survey.  My answers looked as dorky as I did, as I completed the survey with my left hand.  I was a little shocked at one question, which asked if I had any problems getting and/or maintaining my erections.  Fortunately, I realized that section said “for males” and the “female” section was below.  I breathed a sigh of relief as I skipped the rest of the section.

Jan and I were able to watch TV while we waited an hour to leave after the infusion (to make sure I didn’t spontaneously combust from any allergic reactions to the medication).  The nurse there was SO nice and made the entire process most quite enjoyable!  She actually told me I was “normal” at one point, but I’m pretty sure she was just referring to my veins, and not me as a person.  I was a complete, talkative whack-o during the whole two hours, so surely she didn’t mean I was personally normal.  I really hope she’s my nurse for my infusion next month too.  At least I kept her amused!

Today’s symptoms:  I really didn’t start to get tired until after we got home.  I still have a bit of a headache, which started earlier this morning.  Other than that, it’s been a decent day symptom-wise.

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