Spooky Sink

Everyone will be thrilled to know that my tattoo has almost completely healed.  It didn’t even take a full week.  My mother hates it.  I make sure that whenever I’m around her, I “accidentally” lift my shirt at the back and bend over so she can admire it – you’re welcome, Jan!  Tee hee!

I wasn’t able to fly this weekend due to the poop-o-la weather.  Looks like it’s going to be that way for the rest of the week.  Regardless, I still had a great weekend.  I got tons of administrative stuff done for the Recreational Aircraft Association.  I also started a bit of “Spring cleaning” around the apartments.  My mother came over today and we went to the Fairview Mall, then to Costco.  I finally replaced my wireless mouse with a more modern version.  I think when I got my first one, it’s when they first entered the market.  Sure, the mouse itself was nice, but the antenna thing was larger than the mouse and was attached to a two foot long cord!   I feel so special with my new one.  I also picked up a pack of CD jewel cases.  Get this, you can get a pack of 30 for $10.99 or a pack of 50 for $25.99.  Let’s see, I can get 60 for less than 50 – they really did a great job pricing those bad boys out!  Anyway, I also replenished my clumping cat litter supply at Costco.  I bought two huge boxes, which were so big and heavy, we drove home with only my back wheels touching the ground.  I guess I shouldn’t have put the litter in the trunk.

Little Mya almost scared me to death a couple nights ago.  I walked into the washroom to pi-diddle, when I noticed something out of place in the sink (just as I reached to turn on the light):

She was just sitting there like a little furless dork.  Afterwords, I had to wash my hands in the bathtub, because she was a little reluctant to move.  Weird.

Today’s symptoms:  Nothing much to report!  I was a little drained after our shopping trip, but not too much else!

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