What a joyous weekend.  Actually, it started when I took some vacation leave on Friday to go for a flight.  The skies were quite clear:

I was shocked to see Pac-Man during my travels.  I had no idea he was in the Niagara Region:

I wasn’t able to fly this weekend, as the weather was yuck-o.  However, I did see my plane….sort of.  I got a tattoo of a maple leaf when I was 18 and in the Army.  I’ve always wanted another one, and Saturday afternoon, I got it!  I decided to get one of my plane.  Here’s a shot of me getting it done:

I must say, the outline was VERY painful.  I don’t remember my first one being that bad.  Mind you, it was much smaller than the one I got yesterday.  Fortunately, once he started doing the shading, the pain was far less.  More discomfort than anything.  It took a little over two hours.  I am so happy with the result!  It spans most of my lower back:

I visited my mother today.  We just went out for a coffee then headed over to the Seaway Mall.  After I got home, I went into the other apartment to visit the new kitties.  Boo is really weird – most cats would just crawl under the pillow case or a blanket.  This cat crawls under the whole pillow:

I told her she was weird.  She crawled out from under the pillow and began what I assume was an exorcism.  It went a little something like this:

Her sister wandered around the apartment while the evil spirits escaped:

Mya and Abby had no idea what I was dealing with in the other apartment.  For this, I am thankful:

Today’s symptoms:  Had decent energy today and no major complaints (other than a sore lower back!) with any other symptoms.

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