Relaxing Weekend

I woke up Saturday morning to find my two little kitties bug hunting.  I don’t think they ever caught it – and quite frankly, I don’t think they even tried.  But they were both staring for over five minutes:

“Where’s the bug, Abby?”

I wasn’t able to go flying this weekend as little Vyctor is having his annual inspection done.  I did have to visit him Saturday morning to drop off his log books for my mechanic.  It was sad to see Vyctor so exposed.  He must have felt so vulnerable:

He was way at the back of the hangar, so it was like going through a plane maze to get to him.  Hopefully the inspection will go smoothly, with no major repairs to be made.  Blah!

I wish I had something grand to share with everyone, but it was kinda an uneventful weekend!

Today’s symptoms:  Had decent energy, but had those darn body aches and pains all over the place, starting from the time I woke up!  Geesh!

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