Night Hawk

I did my final required solo night flight to achieve my Night Rating – Yea!  It was a nice flight.  The clouds were fairly low at 4000 feet, but the winds were calm.  I flew over my mother’s house and called her to come out and wave at me.  Since it was dark, I didn’t see too much of her (that and the fact she’s so tiny).  She did blink the garage lights at me though.  I headed out to Dunnville and on the way, I circled over a couple houses that had amazing light displays.  The one house had about five cars pulled off to the side of the road, watching the display.  I had a much better view, especially for the lights which covered most of the roof.  I arrived at the Dunnville Airport, which does not have any lights.  I also wasn’t sure if the runway was ploughed, so I didn’t attempt a landing – just a low and over.  I slowly headed back toward St. Catharines.  I noticed an ambulance whipping through the streets around Smithville, so I followed it for a bit.  It got boring after about five minutes, so I continued on back to St. Catharines.  I called the Flying Club to see when they were closing, since I didn’t want my cute little plane left outside overnight.  There was a student flying around in the circuit, so I joined him and did three or four circuits before making a full stop landing.  The flight went really well and it felt great to have achieved my Night Rating.  I’m looking forward to taking my mother and Chuck up at night, especially over Niagara Falls.
I met with my instructor today to complete the paperwork to send to Transport Canada for my rating.  I then wandered over to the airport to visit my new plane (Vyctor).  It was so sad to see him sitting there, without his propeller and magnetos.  He also had his seats removed, the back panel and the ELT (Emergency Locater Transmitter).  I told him his medical would be over with soon, and he could take to the skies once again.  I thought I saw him shed a tear, but realized it was my own due to the fact that it was so darn cold out!  Brrrr!

I was hoping to work overtime at work tonight, however, I was the only person who put in for it.  They weren’t too keen on the idea of having to have a Team Leader there just for one person.  Oh well, I think overtime is being offered in the New Year as well.

Today’s Symptoms:  Feeling pretty darn good!  No bad symptoms to report.

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