Weekends Are My Friends

I took a few hours vacation on Wednesday and headed out to the airport.  Since my battery was recently boosted, I figured Vyctor would start a little easier.  He started, but it certainly wasn’t easy (for this reason, I had a new battery installed this weekend).  I was just glad I was able to fly this time.  It was nice to take off from the newly paved and painted runway.  I didn’t really have a planned destination for the flight – I just ended up flying down to Fort Erie then back up toward Niagara-On-The-Lake.  On my way back North, I noticed a slew of cute little horses, frolicking around in circles:

After admiring the horsey-go-round, I continued on my way north.  As I was getting fairly close to the airport, I heard a friend of mine tell the tower that she was taking off.  I changed my heading a bit to try and get in viewing range of her, to take a picture of her plane.  I think I scared her off as she headed in another direction as I approached.  Geesh!  Regardless, I managed to take a pic, albiet not a very clear one:

Soon after snapping this pic, I headed back to the airport to land.

Today (Saturday), my best friend came over to the apartment with all of her pressies to wrap.  I hauled mine out and we spent the afternoon, sipping Caramel Bailey’s and wrapping our hearts out.  It was nice to get it all done.  I still have a few more items to pick up for my mother, then I’m done!  Yea!

It was insanely windy today and I’m hoping for a nice, calm day tomorrow.  I’m going to head down to my mother’s house, then hopefully out for a flight.

Today’s symptoms:  Felt pretty good today!  I was in a great mood and had decent energy.  My most predominant symptom was a headache.

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