Is It Friday Yet?

Not that I’m wishing my life away or anything, but I’m really looking forward to the weekend!Last weekend was quite nice…well, for the most part.  I decided to go for a flight on Saturday.  The weather was nice and I was feeling pretty good, so I packed up my gear (cameras, GPS, bottle of water, etc.) and headed over to the airport.  There were quite a few people out flying that day.  The Flying Club planes were being fired up or already heading out of the circuit.  The guys helped me pull my plane out of the hangar, after he had been plugged in a few hours (to warm the oil).  I did my inspection, climbed aboard and fired him up.  Well, I tried to anyway.  I think my battery is having issues.  The engine actually kicked in twice, but then stalled.  I was so bummed!  Fortunately, the manager of the Flying Club charged my battery the next day, plus my mechanic is going to test it to see if it needs to be replaced.  If I’m feeling well enough tomorrow and the weather is good, I’ll take some vacation leave from work and make another attempt at a flight.

Since I wasn’t able to fly, Chuck and I decided to take the spare time we now had to put up our Christmas tree.  The kids helped, mostly by picking up the ornaments and dragging them into another room.  Still, I think they meant well.

Just to remind you folks of what kind of classy gal I am, here is another Christmas “decoration”:

Continuing with this weekend’s events, there was a chili dinner at the Flying Club on Saturday night.  Chuck and I headed over for around 5:45.  There were eight or nine pots of chili brought in by some of the members.  Chuck and I both sampled either three or four.  All were quite good, but we both agreed on a favourite.  I was glad to see the one we picked was voted the best.  I’m also glad the chef shared the recipe!  I’ll have to attempt it sometime.  The link to the pictures from the event is here .  There are a couple shots of Chuck and I.  It was a great night and I hope they have another like it soon.

On Sunday, I visited my little mother.  We did some shopping at the Seaway Mall ,  I don’t think we ended up buying anything.  After “shopping” we headed back to her house.  We finished the laundry then I climbed up on the roof to clean her eaves-trough.  Glad I got that done before the cold weather came in, which I believe is now!  It was so nice out earlier but the temperature dropped about 10 degree this evening.  Oh well, tis November!  About an hour after I finished up on the roof, Chuck drove over to Jan’s house to meet up with us for dinner.  Jan took us our for my birthday dinner at the Lazy Loon , one of our favourite restaurants.  As usual, our meals were great.  The staff even came out and sang me happy birthday!  It was such a nice evening!  I’ve already decided that this is going to be a great year.  Last year wasn’t too good since my age was an even number.  Even numbers are yucky.

Today’s symptoms:  Quite drained and fatigued, bad headache and body aches.  I WILL feel better tomorrow, so help me Hannah!

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