Christmas Time Is Here….Sorta….

I had one of the best days today that I’ve had in a while.  I felt decent, which was great.  Work was very productive.  I helped a friend/co-worker at the court house today.  We both set off the metal detector and were frisked.  After, the officer said we just had to show our CRA badge and we could go straight in!  However, sometimes being frisked is fun!  We met some really nice people while there (one was a former co-worker of the girl I was with).  Once done, we headed back to the office which is right across the street.  I had to leave work a little early so I could drive to my doctor’s office in Fonthill to get my flu shot. 

I’m hoping for decent weather tomorrow as I haven’t flown in almost two weeks.  Very depressing!  I hope to go up and do some aerobatics, as well as a nice scenic flight.  It will be nice to take off from the newly paved and painted runway.  I’ll have to go up for a night flight soon too, since the runway lights are back in service.

I had the day off yesterday and Jan and I went shopping.  I decided to buy some stocking holders – I needed five (Mya, Abby, McGildenstern the fish, Chuck and myself).  Check out how cute:

I guess I’m starting to get in the spirit.  I also brought up the tree, decorations and everything else Christmas related.  Hopefully the cats won’t do too much damage to the tree.  Can anything this cute be destructive?

I’m planning on attending a chili dinner at the Flying Club tomorrow.  On Sunday, my mother is taking Chuck and I out for my birthday.  We’re probably going to the Lazy Loon at the Log Cabin in Fonthill.  Great food and atmosphere.  What a perfect way to celebrate aging!

Today’s symptoms:  More energy today than normal.  However, quite a few body aches and pains.

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