10,000 Feet +

I was really hoping to go for a flight this weekend, but the weather was quite foggy and so was my head.  So, I was happy to have gone for one last Wednesday.  I told the tower I was heading to the South between 2000 and 10,000 feet.  She asked if I really meant 10,000 and I said that I was checking the ceiling of my plane.  I think I took my last plane up to 10,500 before she wouldn’t climb anymore.  It took over 20 minutes but I made it to 10,000 feet!

The view was amazing:

I took a leisurely 15 minutes coming back down and heading to the airport.  Coming back in, it was nice to see how our newly paved and painted runways were coming along:

I hope the runway lights are up and running again soon, as I would really like to go for a night flight.

I had to drive over the Whirlpool Bridge (Nexus only) and pick up a couple packages that I ordered.  My mother and I decided to quickly drive over to the Factory Outlet mall, to try and find me a new pair of shoes.  I just bought the ones I’m replacing in May.  Clearly they’re lemons as they both have big holes on the inside on the backs.  Geesh!  We were in such shock when the whole parking lot was completely full.  They even had valet parking set up!  We drove around for about 10 minutes until we finally found someone pulling out of a spot.  I quickly snagged it and we headed into a few shoe stores.  Have I mentioned how much I hate buying shoes?  Anyway, after over half an hour, I finally found a pair.  I swear we had a whole string of cars following us as we walked back to my car – all eager to grab my parking spot!  We were so happy to be out of there.  I’ve never seen it that busy.  It was like Christmas!

Since I wasn’t feeling too great today, the kids and I just lounged around the apartment.  They slept most of the time and I watched a slew of shows that I had recorded over the last few weeks.  They finally got up and Abby decided to groom herself in her typical lady-like manner:

She’s such a classy gal!

Today’s symptoms:  Bad headache and body aches.  It was nice to be able to just veg and not do anything strenuous (or even non-strenuous!)

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