Trip to Vancouver

I just had a joyous but short trip out to Vancouver, BC.  I had to go out there for a medical test.  My little mother went with me.  Chuck drove us to Toronto on Wednesday evening, as our flight was at 10:00am Thursday.  The hotel was really nice with a great view of the airport.  The next morning, we had a buffet style breakfast.  It was rather early so we weren’t too hungry yet.  I had a box of froot loops and Jan had a muffin and banana.  We then stuck a couple pieces of carrot bread into my empty froot loop box, to take with us on the plane:

Kinda silly, but we didn’t have anything else to put it in.

Our flight was five hours in total.  Unfortunately, we had a screaming baby in the seat behind us.  I think the baby could have also been changed a couple hours into the flight, but wasn’t.  Jan and I decided to find a store that sold Febreeze and hose ourselves down once in Vancouver.  I did attempt to spray some hand sanitizer on my finger to dab under my nose, but ended up spraying myself in the eye.  Despite the baby, the flight was nice, especially over the mountains:

This was my first time flying out West, so the view was really spectacular for me.  We had a nice landing at the airport:

We took the shuttle over to our hotel to check in.  There was a mall across the street, so we headed there to wander before dinner.  We browsed through a Chinese grocery store and came across this lovely little number:

Gee, now we really had a tough decision to make.  We could either buy some of “that” or go to the restaurant my friend at work recommended.  After careful deliberation, we decided to head over to Earl’s Restaurant.  I’m so glad we did because the food was great.  We both had grilled chicken with veggies:

I’m not a huge beet fanned, so I told most of them to beat it over to my mother’s plate.  When I was almost finished my meal, I was shocked to see a piece of chicken shaped just like a whale on my plate:

Crazy, eh?  I’m glad it still tasted like chicken.

Jan and I decided to buy some coolers for that evening.  I had a hard time trying to get them to fit into the ice bucket, but ended up making it work:

I think getting the lid to sit on top made all the difference in the world.

We got up in the morning and headed down to the restaurant in the hotel for breakfast.  Jan had a nice big bowl of Irish Oatmeal, and I had a bowl of Frosted Flakes.  I really wasn’t hungry because I was anxious about my test, but decided to try and eat something before leaving for the medical office.

I had some paperwork to fill out in the office, then I was escorted to another room to don the cutest pair of hospital jammies I’ve ever seen!  I asked the nurse if she thought they made my butt look big, but she assured me they didn’t.  I had to have an IV for the test – the nurse did a great job and it was relatively painless.  The doctor who ran the test was very nice and had a great sense of humour.  Needless to say, I don’t think my goofy comments freaked him out too much.  I would have to say the worse part of the test (which took about an hour and fifteen minutes) was when he ripped the massive quantities of tape he used to secure my IV line and panic button.  WOW!  I will hopefully be able to share the results of my test and what procedure it may lead to, in a week or two.

After the test, we called a cab to take us to another mall by our hotel.  We were both in desperate need of a coffee, and were able to locate a Tim Hortons at the mall.  We shopped around for a couple hours, then grabbed a Quiznos sub to take back to the hotel.  I had my iPad with me and was able to get the directions from the mall back to our hotel.  On the way back, we stopped in at the Winners store at the mall we went to the first day, because we missed that store for some reason.  We were shocked to find an Ab Slider there.  I had one but my mother stole it, so I’ve been looking everywhere for one.  It was on clearance for only $12.00 too!  We then got some more coolers and a vodka mickey for our room.  When we came out of the liquor store, there was an incredible full rainbow, leading right behind our hotel:

As we were crossing the street, there was a really cool patch of mushrooms next to a tree.  We decided not to “do shrooms” so we left them there:

Once back at our room, we could clearly see the rainbow, reaching toward the mountains:

After a few drinks, Jan and I found the sign on the sprinkler system above her bed to be rather humorous:

Jan had to stand on the bed to hold the hanger up high enough.  Seriously, who is going to hang a hanger way up there?

We just chatted and sipped on our coolers all night, while watching TV.  We were both shocked when we saw Canada’s Worst Driver.  The one woman is from St. Catharines and they flashed an image of our apartment while discussing her home town!  So there I am, sitting on the other side of a country and looking at my apartment on TV.  Too weird!

Although short (like my mother) it was a really nice trip.  I’m hoping for good news from my test results in another week or two!

Today’s symptoms:  I’m really tired today, despite sleeping in to 11:00am!  I have a bad headache and stomach ache.  I’m sure it’s just from stress.

Posted by Lizzy McFly at 11/7/2010 6:28 PM

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