Head In The Clouds

It’s been a rough week emotionally, so I’ve been off work this week.  To get my head out of the clouds, I decided to head for the clouds for a flight yesterday.  The weather was great, as was the visibility.  The flight really helped boost my mood and get my mind off of things for a bit. 

I really need to clean my windshield.  Yuck!

There was only one downer of the whole flight.  After turning around to head back to the airport, I passed a group of cows.  I snapping a picture and yelled “Hello cows!”  One of them flipped me the hoof.  Gee, who got up on the wrong side of the haystack this morning?

Before landing, I called Chuck and asked him if he wanted me to fly over his building. I wasn’t too sure where it was, so he guided me over via the phone.

At least he didn’t flip my off like the cow.

It appears that our large runway is all paved.  They were working on the apron while I was there today.  Like everyone else, I’m really looking forward to the airport being fully up and running again.

After landing, I had to go to the mall to replace the two pair of jeans that were stolen from the laundry room at our apartment.  There’s only one thing I hate more than buying shoes, and that’s jeans!  Ugh!  I tried on eighteen pair in three different stores.  I was only able to find one pair that fit properly.  Mark’s Work Warehouse had the best selection of sizes and styles I’ve ever seen. Hopefully I’ll find a second pair soon.

Today’s symptoms:  much more fatigued today than yesterday.  I’m having a lot of body aches and pains, mostly in my limbs. 

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