II can’t believe I’m sharing this with everyone, but I would like it to serve as a learning experience.  For about five days, I thought there was something really wrong with me (apart from the obvious).  I noticed that despite shaving my armpits every night with my nice new four-blade razor, the hair was growing back at an alarming rate.  OK, maybe”alarming rate” is a bit of an exaggeration.  It’s not like any of the town-folk of St. Catharines were calling the police with Yeti sightings.  Anyway, I wondered if extra/quick hair growth was some sort of freaky MS symptom that I wasn’t aware of.  I scoured quite a few reputable MS websites to verify my theory.  There was nothing of the sort listed on any of the sites.  I was starting to get quite worried and a little embarrassed.  Mind you, there was nothing to really be embarrassed about since no one could see my new problem.  It’s not like I had a billowing cloud of hair protruding from my shirt sleeves! Still, I was getting concerned.  On the fifth shower after this hair-raising tale started taking place, I reluctantly picked up my razor- a tear trickled down my cheek.  With my lip quivering, I raised the razor to eye-level, to ask why it had forsaken me.  “I deplore you!” I shrieked!   Suddenly, I noticed something was amiss.  Upon closer inspection of the razor, I realized that I had installed the removable razor head upside-down upon the handle!  Man, what a dork!


Ah, but the ineptness doesn’t end there, my friend.  Just the other day,I was speaking on the phone with my mother.  I asked her to look for some RCA cables that I had at her house.  She thought she spotted some in a filing cabinet and told me she needed to put the phone down while she picked them up.  Once she had them in her hand, she proceeded to tell me that she had them.  I didn’t hear her too well as she put the RCA cables up to her head instead of the phone!  Duh!  I couldn’t believe she could be so utterly clueless.  I told her that I was going into the other bedroom to look for some other cables I had.  I too had to say that I was putting the phone down to dig out the cables.  Well wouldn’t you know I did the exact same thing – I put the cables up to my head and told her that I found them.  Duh times two!  You know the Ya-Ya Sisters?  Jan and I are starting a club called the Duh-Duh Sisters.

Today’s symptoms:  My balance is fairly bad today.  I wonder if the sinus and cold issue has anything to do with making it worse.  My fatigue was quite bad today.  I think it’s due to the meds I’ve been taking to fight the sinus infection.  Plan on getting a good night sleep and be back to “normal”-ish tomorrow!

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